Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perpetuation of a Lie

Anyone who still believes that same-gender marriages will not detrimentally affect society as a whole, needs to pull their head out of the sand. Now. Also, the Catholics among us that support same-gender marriages need to really look into what it is they are supporting and what that support is actually doing to the people who have same-gender attractions.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New  York recently wrote on his blog that there will be repercussions for those of us who believe and voice our beliefs that marriage is between a man and woman with the intentions of being open to life and bringing a child into the world. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

"If the experience of those few other states and countries where this is already law is any indication, the churches, and the believers, will soon be harassed, threatened, and hauled into court for their conviction that marriage is between one man, one woman, forever, bringing children into the world."

He's right. Religious persecutions and legal prosecutions for believing in traditional marriage are happening as I write. Forget about the so-called "protections and exemptions" written into these bills protecting institutions of faith and worship from having to perform these 'marriages' or recognizing traditional marriages as the only valid ones, for they are nothing but a smokescreen.

Whenever a faux right is given to a group of people by government, someones natural, God given right is trampled. Discovering the 'right' for women to choose an abortion decimated the right for the unborn to be protected in the mother's womb, a right that was enjoyed by the unborn for the first 200 years of our nation's founding, whisked away by a 'right' that is no where to be found in the Constitution.

Everyone has always had the right to marry, and we all have had to abide by the same restriction: we can only marry someone of the opposite sex. What gays want now are special rights for themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. So what rights will people who do not believe in the validity of gay marriage lose if same-gender marriages become the law of the land?

First, we begin to lose our freedom of religion, to freely practice our faith as our consciences dictates and if my faith tells me that marriages are between a man and a woman and for the purpose of bringing children into the world, then I will be subjected to prosecution. Two conflicting rights cannot co-exist. One has to give way. Second, even if I was not a man of faith, my right to voice my opinion, my freedom of speech, will now be severely restricted if  my opinion is contrary to what the law says, that same-gender marriages are good, normal and protected from discrimination.  I don't have to argue these points, for this is happening now, where same-gender marriages have come into being by law.

Now, for those of you that support gay marriage, think about it for a moment. You know what marriage is and what it is not. We can argue back and forth and try to blur the lines of marriage all we want, but reality is, and you know it, marriage cannot be and never has been anything but a union between a man and woman. You can redefine marriage to include same gender unions all you want, but my calling a house a car does not make it a car. We still know it is a house and nothing but. The law may say that gays are married, but you know and the gay community knows that it can never be a real marriage.

Basically what Catholic supporters of gay marriages are doing is perpetuating a lie, and helping and enabling gays to live that lie: the lie that says gay marriage is valid and equal to traditional marriage. Is this what Christian charity is? Helping people live a lie for the sole purpose of not appearing insensitive or whatever other reason you may have? Love does not lie. Love can and does hurt sometimes, as does truth, and supporting gay marriages is not love, but sharing in a lie and a sin. 


George Weigel gives a good analysis of what state justification of same-gender marriages may mean for the rest of us in this on....


  1. There is so much talk about freedom these days, without an understanding of what freedom is. There can be no real freedom without acknowledging the whole man, not just his physical being. And in all this focus on rights we're forgetting about responsibilities.Let's have responsibility marches... civic pride parades!
    We know how the story ends, but this bit in the middle isn't very nice.

  2. "Same-gender marriage" is a contradiction in terms. They're same-gender sham marriages.


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