Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On The Right Track

There is no denying that our Church is under a massive assault. Attacks have targeted her teachings and doctrines as hateful and intolerant. These attacks come from many different sources from outside the Church, including socialism/communism, the ACLU, atheists, governmental entities etc... Probably the worse attacks come from within the Church, her dissenters, lay and clerical alike.

I look around this country and the world and see the hatred that is directed at the Church, and at times, I do have to say I become overwhelmed. They hate her for her stand against abortion, a teaching that comes to us from the Church's very beginnings, such as the document called the Didache from what is widely accepted by both ecclesiastical and secular scholars as being written in the first century, containing the teachings of the apostles. 

They hate her for her stand against divorce, contraception, homosexual sex, same sex marriages, euthanasia, assisted suicides, her stand against women ordinations, etc... Some of our priests, bishops along with many of the laity, constantly attack her, trying to force her hand in changing her teachings to be more inline with secular society, to be more progressive in her thinking,  yet she stands firm in her conviction. She stands virtually alone, teaching the Truth in this ocean of evil that is confronting the world. She remains true to her calling to go and teach all nations. 

How can we look at what is happening in our Church and not be overwhelmed and frustrated? How can we not be sick from it all? No other church or faith stands on the worlds stage as the Catholic Church does and calls evil for what it is and confronts it as she does, and gets bloodied time after time, yet she stands. 

Despite all that is happening right now in our Church, against our Church, the evils that confront society and how frustrating it is for a Catholic and any good Christian to see this, know one thing: If the Church were of man's doing, his creation, it would have disappeared long ago. The more the world is against the Church, the more I know she is the True Faith, the Church built on the 'rock' called Peter. I would worry more if the Church conformed to the world and was praised by the world rather than her defending what we know to be the Truth. Stand firm, for we are on the right track, but we are in for a heck of a ride people. 

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