Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Stonewall

There is a stonewall that I cannot breach,
A forgiveness that I find elusive.
Be merciful I am told, yet I fear to be too merciful.

Am I a fool to think it? That I am that good?
Do I see all too clearly and lack the compassion I need to forgive?
But I remember well with the memory He gave me,
With its accusing finger saying "There! See it?"

I want to forgive him, I really do.
" we forgive those who trespass..." measure for measure yes?
Yet what good is to forgive all
And not forgive him who needs it most?

How did David do it? Or Peter? I like Judas then? Is that my end?
Lord! The thirty pieces I have flung back long ago!
Yet their sound still ring in my ears!

Why is forgiving this one so difficult?
I have shown mercy to one and all but for him!
Will this one condemn me for my lack of mercy?
Your strength I need Lord, for how else to forgive myself? 


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