Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Throwing That First Stone

All this Corapi business is making me a bit squeamish. Anointed by God and receiving the Sacrament of Ordination from His Church, it leaves me to wonder if those of us in the cheap seats(lay men and women) have any right to be judge and jury of a priest of God and His Church. How much of the truth do we really know? What do we know of Corapi's heart and mind that we are told only God knows intimately? Instead of vilifying and saying "I told you so", perhaps it would be better to leave this business to God and just pray for him and his faithful. There are nefarious factions out to destroy our Church with whatever means they have at their disposal and for the evil one to see those within our Church arguing and fighting amongst each other has got to be a gleeful moment for him. Here, let me make it easy for you...I'm placing my stone back on the ground at my feet...I think I'll just pray for Corapi and for his followers that are now in turmoil...

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