Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christianophobes: Herod's Modern Offspring

Though Herod the Great died 2000 years ago, his fear of the Christ may in fact be the first recorded case of Christianophobia, or Christophobia to be exact.. His fear drove him to massacre all the children two years of age and under in Bethlehem, hoping that the new born "King of the Jews" was among the victims. Herod was afraid that his throne would be usurped by this new king, ending his murderous reign and the status quo he enjoyed.

Today, Christ is being attacked again, however, not by Herod the Great this time, but by his offspring: today's Christianophobes. Christianophobia, or the irrational fear of  Christ and Christianity is very real and very dangerous. The Vatican takes this threat very seriously and has engaged the U.N. in condemning Christianophobia,  here , along with Antisemitism and Islamophobia. So, what do Christianophobes fear from Christians? Like Herod, they fear the loss of power and their status quo. They fear the message of Christianity and its attempts to thwart their agenda to oust God from society and replacing Him with secularism. 

Christianophobe's main target and enemy is the Catholic Church. I find it ironic that anti-catholic Christianophobes target the Church since they claim the Church is irrelevant, backwards, an evil institution that protects pedophiles, anti-women, hateful and has no hold on being the moral voice in the world considering her history. If their claims are true, then why give the Church so much attention? Why is their hatred and attention so focused on her instead of letting her fade away into the dustbins of insignificance, ignoring her, and just go on their merry way? 

If the Catholic Church is so insignificant and has no moral power over individuals as Christianophobes claim, why is it so important for them to insist that the Church change her teachings on social issues such as contraception, abortion, active homosexuality and euthanasia? The answer lies in this dirty little secret; Christianophobes may say otherwise, but they know in their hearts that the Catholic Church is the moral voice in the world and she teaches with authority: an authority they hate for it interferes with their sinful lifestyles. They need her to justify their lifestyles and to give them legitimacy in the eyes of the world. They know that those that adhere to Church teachings on these social issues need to be swayed away from the faith, so in striking the shepherd (the Church), they hope to scatter the sheep. To the Christianophobe, the Church is a visible and loud reminder of what their conscience is accusing them of doing. The Church needs to be silenced.

The U.N., governments and the mainstream media are rife with Christianophobes. Though they do not directly follow their father, King Herod, and go out and murder Christians, they are indirectly complicit in the killing of Christians in many parts of the world, particularly in the middle east, when they turn a blind eye to these atrocities when they fail to report what is happening through mainstream media outlets here, and if they do report a massacre, they rarely mention that the victims were Christians and that many times the murderers were Islamic Radicals. The U.N. and governments are also indirectly responsible when they refuse to even acknowledge that it is open season on Christians and again, refuse to afford them legal protection as they do for Islam and the Jews.

Content in letting others soil their hands with the blood of Christians, Christianophobes seek other means to restrict Christians from expressing their faith. Through legislative means, Christianophobes have given special rights to homosexuals based purely on their sexual preferences, and  speaking out against homosexuality could be construed as discrimination and hate speech with the risk of being prosecuted by law. This type of legislation seriously restricts the freedom of religion if ones faith professes active homosexuality as sinful, which traditional Christianity does. here

Like the ancient Herodians who allied with the Pharisees to trap Jesus in the question about paying the tribute to Caesar, hoping to charge him with sedition, today's new Herodians, the Christianophobes, have set their own traps against Christians and the Catholic Church by trying to restrict the gospel message to the point of making it against the law to witness about ones own faith if that witness is considered hateful or discriminatory. In this country, the protection of the conscientious objection by nurses or doctors of the Christian faith who refuse to participate in abortions, or pharmacists that do not dispense contraceptive drugs or the morning after pill is slowly being dissolved through laws. 

Unable (yet) to dismantle our freedom of religion, Christianophobes have begun a pogrom of hamstringing the Christian's public witness here through legislative action and relegating them to the private sphere of their homes to silence them. Christianophobe judges have interpreted the U.S.Constitution in ways to find 'rights' for special groups ("Look Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!") to aid and abet Christianophobic institutions such as the ACLU to prosecute anything and everything Christian that even resembles a violation of church and state.

Christianophobes however, are ignorant of history. The Church has had her share of  enemies for two thousand years and she has witnessed the death and burial of all of them while she continues to exist. It will be no different for her enemies in our time. The Church cannot but continue to witness about Christ, for that is her mission on earth. As a sovereign state, the Vatican has been given an official voice at the U.N., and through this international body she has defended life of the unborn, the poor, the marriage of a man and woman as the foundation of civilization, spoken against homosexuality and unjust wars. There are many Christianophobes at the U.N. that would be happy to see the Vatican's membership in the U.N. withdrawn, for her voice is powerful and influential against secularism even though it cannot cast a vote. 

I wonder at times if Christianophobes have thought through their agenda. If one day they are indeed successful in silencing the Catholic Church and the other Christian churches, it may also be the day that Christ proclaims from heaven, "Mission accomplished! Let the judgement begin for those that followed me and those that rejected me."  Perhaps Christianophobes should be more careful for what they wish.

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  1. I have been saying the same thing for years. I would have left out the reference to the ACLU, as Holy Mother Church has as much, or more to fear from the atheist right wing who claim to be Catholic and or evangelical christian but whose actions betray them to the Holy Spirit that dwells within those who are in a state of sanctifying grace, and are blessed with discernment.


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