Saturday, September 10, 2011

The One and Only Issue For Me In 2012

I'm primarily a one issue voter. There, I said it. I don't care if others think it narrow minded, lacking scope of reality or fanaticism but I am pro-life and that is the main issue for me. What qualifies a political candidate that runs for office, is their stand on pro-life issues as far as I'm concerned. That is the first and foremost issue that will determine for whom I vote, and the rest of the issues on the list, though important are not as important. Do I have a love affair with the fetus as some have called it? OK... if that is what floats your boat, go for it,  but I prefer to call it a love for human life. Notice when people in general who push for abortion rights talk about abortion, they talk about the fetus? But if the woman decides to keep the fetus, then every time they talk about the pregnancy, that little bundle of joy is now called a baby; Same so-called 'mass of tissue', but one is a fetus(impersonal) and the other a baby(very human and personal). Deception.

Now, we have been pummeled by the social engineers in this country with talk about social justice, how we need to make sure ALL people are not forgotten and get a fair shake. That's agreeable enough. Much is also made of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness declared in our founding documents. These are rights for all of us to enjoy but, I have one little question to ask of the pro-abortion proponents in this country concerning these rights, or social justice if  you will.

If the left's idea of social justice for our society includes our right to equality, to be fed, housed, clothed, protected and everything else that is considered the basic necessities of human life, and along with these basic necessities, liberty, the right to live our lives as best as we can without interference from the government, and lastly, the right to pursue happiness, also as best as we can, defined by our individual idea of what happiness is, then my question is this: How can one enjoy social justice and benefit from it if one is not allowed to be born, to come to life outside the womb?  The right to Life. Remember our rights as documented;  the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot have the latter two without the former: Life.

This is where the difference between secular social justice and Catholic social justice is glaring. The Church's stance on social justice includes all individuals, the unborn and the elderly alike and everyone else in between. Not so with the social engineers, for to them these rights are only afforded to the ones that they deem valuable enough to warrant those rights. No longer is a person's value determined by being created in the image of God, but who a certain group of people, through their own self-possessed righteousness, determines is worth saving. That is pride and arrogance par excellence.

I may have a love affair with the unborn in particular, but it is tempered by my respect for all human life no matter at what stage of development, be it unborn, toddler, adolescent, young adult, adult or the elderly. It is also tempered by my upholding of their human dignity as created images of God, and not some commodity to be swept away in a moment of convenience. Much is made of being created 'equal' by the left, but their very action in determining who lives and who dies tells me that they consider themselves above the rest of us, not equal. They speaketh with forked tongue.

President Obama let the cat out of the bag a few years back of what abortion actually does when speaking about a woman making a decision to abort.  He said, and I paraphrase, "For a woman, it is truly a heart wrenching decision to make..." Now I ask you this; If the unborn is only a mass of tissue as we are constantly told by the pro-abortionists, then why is it is so heart wrenching? Why is it anymore heart wrenching than say, making a decision to have your tonsils removed or your appendix if it is only a mass of tissue? There is only one answer and it is this. We, as created images of God KNOW what it is that an abortion kills, and no amount of lying, deceiving or closing our eyes will ever change that knowledge. We are killing ourselves into oblivion.

The left call it reproductive rights and a safety issue for women and believe legal abortion ensures those rights and the safety of women. Not so. More than enough evidence has now come through from medical science that there is a direct link between women who have had abortions and a dramatic rise in breast cancer. Now, from the U.K. there has been issued another medical report indicating that abortions may be the cause of more than 10% of the mental illness that strike women who have had these abortions. Social justice? Not at all.

This country made a tragic mistake in electing our current President. His views on the unborn are abominable and were well known when he was elected as the "Chosen One", yet elected he was. The stench of death that permeates this current presidency is overwhelming and is enough to make one wretch from total disgust. Hiding behind the call for "social justice" and "reproductive rights", a systematic approach to the killing of a whole segment of society has grown with such a fervent urgency, that it has left in it's wake, a morally corrupt national soul that is almost completely devoid of the life giving grace of God.

We mustn't view the current financial woes of this country, the corruption we see in Washington or the prevalence of killing unborn children as the workings of a few misguided individuals that occupy positions of power. We, collectively, as American citizens, are in a position of power also; a position that affords us the power to elect an individual that respects all of us, including the unborn child that had the protection of this country for the first two hundred years before Roe v. Wade. We as Americans have miserably failed in protecting our babies in the course of the last thirty or more years. We have turned our eyes away from good and holy things and stare straight into the eyes of evil without flinching as we continue to cast our votes for pro-abortion candidates.

There is very little that I can tangibly do to turn this monstrosity around other than praying to God for mercy on this country and casting a vote for a pro-life candidate.  My concern for true social justice as defined by the Church will always prompt me to vote pro-life. There is no other alternative. Even if a candidate promises to do away with all income taxes and lets us keep all we earn but is a pro-abortion candidate, I will not vote for him or her. I cannot in good conscience vote to fatten my wallet at the expense of an innocent life. I for one will vote and continue to vote pro-life. That is the one and only issue that will promote true social justice for this country and it will go a long way in getting our country back on track with God.


  1. I commend your commitment to counteract the culture of death with your vote, but I don't envy you the field you have to choose from.

    My country is burdened with the decades of left-leaning socialist machinations that have entrenched abortion so deeply into our civic life. You may recently have read the story on Lifesite about the young girl who gave birth to a son - in secret - in the basement bathroom, and then disposed of his body over the backyard fence. She may... MAY... get 16 days jail time not for killing her child, but for improper disposal of the body.

    Lord have mercy.

  2. On Sept. 10, 2008, I proclaimed the same thing on my blog: I am a one-issue voter on one thing. The rest of the issues follow. But this is "the one thing."


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