Friday, October 21, 2011

The World Ends Today...Again

I'm sitting here frustrated having just read of another "prophecy" from the less than accurate Harold Camping. You will recall that he created a hubbub with his end of the world prophecy that was suppose to occur May 21 of this year. Never happened. But never fear, it's suppose to happen on Oct. 21 of this year! Wait...It's Oct 21 and I'm still here. I cannot count how many times I've heard of 'predictions' of the end of the world that included the day that it will happen. I mean really? Several things come to mind when I hear of these 'detailed' prophecies that predict the day of it's arrival.

First, Jesus himself said that no one knows the day or the hour of the coming of the Lord's day, not even the Son of Man. But did God make an exception with Camping and the others like him? What have they got for sources of information that our Lord himself wasn't privy to two thousand years ago? Our Lord did say we need to read the 'signs of the times' and to prepare ourselves and not let the day come to us as a thief in the night. I agree with that of course, but then again we should always have our souls ready to meet God, since we may die before the end itself comes. However, some of these Christians who see the bible as the sole authority in their lives continue to overlook that verse about not knowing the "day or hour" and invariably believe it does not pertain to them. That is arrogance or ignorance. You choose.

Some 'prophets' use all kinds of mathematical equations and computers as well as scripture and a vivid imagination to come up with a date for the end of the world. Again....really? Out of almost seven billion people on this planet, God confides in one man or woman  when the day will occur but won't confide in any one else, including His son? Does it mean that we need computers and a math degree to figure out when the last day will come upon us? Well then, that leaves out a third of the world's population that do not have computers or access to education, let alone having enough food to eat for the day. I guess the poor would be out of luck then.

Another thing that comes to mind is this: All the prior prophecies on the exact day of the end of the world were wrong.. That makes them false prophecies made from false prophets. We were all warned to beware of false prophets yet many continue to believe in these false prophets despite their lousy track record and our being told by our Lord that the date of the last day is beyond our reach to know. Believing in these false prophecies, people make all kinds of changes in their life to the point of quitting their jobs, selling their homes and waiting for that day, or in some cases, committing suicide. Someone will have to answer for that.

Another bone of contention is that the continued prophesying of the end of the world is like the boy who cried wolf. The more this happens the more some people are going to believe there will be no end and the world will continue merrily along. That is dangerous thinking. We know the end will eventually come and there will be accompanying signs of it's coming, but people having heard the false cry of wolf so many times will no longer take any of it seriously. The media, who have a field day with these 'prophets', will continue to portray all Christians as nut jobs. False prophets make it very difficult for Christianity to be taken seriously and they place obstacles in our responsibility to spread the Word.

Lastly, (and this may tweak a few noses), since Jesus founded His Church upon Peter and the Church is the organ that He chose to guide the world in faith and morals, would it not make more sense that if God had any warnings to give mankind of the impending day, it would come from the Church? Just sayin'...

Maybe there is a good reason why the Church continues to teach the Truth handed to her two thousand years ago and is willing to go through her trials and tribulations for that Truth, for perhaps if and when the time comes for all of us to know that the end is truly near, we will hear it from the Church and know it is the Truth.

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  1. Bah... this end of the world nonsense doesn't rile me up - except for the sheer nonsense of it all.
    If I would do anything differently from what I am doing right now just because I suddenly realize I am not immortal, then I'm doing something wrong right now. So why not change it, and enjoy a life well-lived for as long as I've got left - however long that may be?


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