Thursday, December 15, 2011

King David for President

Listening to comments that are coming from people about the current field of Republican candidates, I have to wonder what it is they are looking for in a person they want as president. Every candidate is nitpicked for every little thing that may seem out of sorts or outlandish, yet people seemingly ignore the core message that these candidates espouse. Too many of us are looking for perfection in a candidate and because of this,  we are going to be sorely disappointed. As Catholics and Christians we should know better. No one is perfect. We all have our deficiencies in thought, word and deed. If King David were to run for president as a Republican, how he would fare? Not so good I'm afraid, for even he, though much loved by God, was not perfect. I'm sure the names Bathsheba and Uriah would be dredged up for scrutiny. 

I would find it intimidating to even consider running for a political office in our current society. Every aspect of your life would be considered fair game, even those little secrets that you harbor from long ago. There is no forgiveness of anything past or present that you may have said or done, and especially about what many predict will be your future and the future of this country should you be elected because of something that occurred decades earlier, even if you fully recanted and rejected your previous stance on an issue in your current maturity, but no matter. You said it, you did it, and it will be reported by the mainstream media, and usually in the most unfavorable light that they can conceive of shining on you.  Or, if you are lucky, the msm will ignore all your past transgressions if they agree with your agenda and they want you elected.

Currently, we have several GOP candidates vying for the office of the President. Each candidate has his or her good points and most have some baggage ( bad or dubious in some respect) as we all do, that they carry with them. Like the TSA, the msm continues to rifle through their baggage looking for contraband to use against the candidate du jour, be it Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain or Rick Perry. All the Republican candidates that surged to the top of the heap and had a conservative agenda have been viciously attacked by the media and fell. Sarah Palin, though not a candidate for president, was politically and personally decimated a long time ago by the left and the msm. Even her children were not immune. Newt Gingrich has now crept up near the top and again, the msm wants this guy down. Hence the attacks. If you want to know what candidate the left and msm fears the most and sees as a threat that may take Obama out of office, just look at which candidate they viciously attack. 

To date, Obama has been spared such 'vetting' by the media, and I suspect it will once again spare him during the upcoming election in 2012. It was this lack of vetting by the msm that that I believe got him elected. Those of us that did not have our head in the sand during the last general election knew what Obama's agenda and vision for our country was going to be. It was all there to see if you were willing to open your eyes and do a little bit of research. You had to look beyond the mainstream media for information and very few of us did that. Those that turned to the msm for their information, heard all good things about this up and coming star. Nothing bad was ever reported. So, what was there not to like? He was perfect. He got elected.

What was it that this nation voted into office? For whatever reason, this nation elected the most pro-abortion president in US history. He has systematically pushed the gay agenda into all reaches of society. He has brought the country on the brink of bankruptcy. He and his administration is currently trying to restrict our rights to freely exercise our religion and faith by restricting our freedom of speech. He is trying to do away with any and all 'conscience clauses' that would protect health workers who refuse to help a woman in procuring an abortion. He has fomented envy among the citizens by painting all rich people as the 'enemy' and the list goes on and on...

As imperfect as the list of Republican candidates is, anyone of them would be infinitely be better than what we have presently. Look and listen to what they have to say, and then listen at what Obama has said and then look at what he has done to this country. There is no comparison. The Republican in the running that has the least respect for our Constitution, has more respect for it than this president has: a hundred fold. Make no mistake: If we are waiting for the perfect candidate that is bullet proof to the msm and to defeat Obama in 2012, then we will not find him or her and the President will once again be elected.

It is not the msm that picks and chooses who runs against the President, though they will try if we let them as we did three years ago. There is a clear cut line between the Republican field of candidates and Obama. We will continue down our destructive slope, morally and culturally if we allow Obama another term, or God willing, we can attempt to minimize the damage done by electing a candidate that respects all human life, our rights as given to us by our Creator and a return to a land that respects our Constitution.

You and I are not perfect and to seek perfection in another person is grossly unfair and unjust. We simply need to look at what we have,  in what direction this country has been going and what both camps have to offer. No candidate will be a savior for this country, not even Obama as many thought he would be. If we refuse to vote for lack of a perfect candidate, then we as a country have lost, and deserve what we get for the next four years. We need another King David, as imperfect as he was.

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  1. David bin Jesse is not a native born American citizen.


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