Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Mengele Legacy Lives On

Have we finally come to this? Have we come to the point in society and especially in the medical profession that if the notorious Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele were alive today he would be hailed as a great medical pioneer of modern medicine? So it would seem to be. After reading the heart wrenching story about the couple whose little girl was refused a medical transplant by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia because of her "mental" condition, I can only come to this conclusion.

Many eyewitnesses recalled seeing Dr. Mengele standing outside boxcars full of human cargo in the Auschwitz death camp during the Third Reich, pointing to one person then another, deciding who would immediately go to the gas chamber to die and who would be given a reprieve for a short while so Mengele could conduct his 'medical' experiments on them. I remember asking myself when first reading of these accounts, how anyone could have been given so much power over an individual in such a supposedly, civilized society that was Germany in the 1930's to be able to have the power to decide who lives and who dies without impunity. Yet, here we are today doing the same thing.

I'm sure many in the medical profession and society at large would be offended to think their actions are seen in the same light as those of Mengele, yet that is what some in the medical profession have become: Angels of Death. Chop made the decision not to allow a child to have a transplant because they deemed her quality of life was substandard; mentally delayed. The story is here. (This decision was reversed? due to pressure if indeed reversed?) In another story, a lesbian couple here have decided to experiment with their son and push ahead on a path of turning him into a little girl because he 'exhibits' female tendencies. In India and other asian countries, gender selection and the deliberate abortions of female fetus's has become the new norm for those wanting sons over daughters. Unborn children who through medical testing, are found to have Downs Syndrome are systematically denied life and aborted. This happens over 90% of the time in Europe.

And now in the West, a conference was held in Canada among medical professionals sounding the alarm that perhaps telling would be parents the gender of their unborn child  is not a good idea and would prevent parents from aborting children who are not of a gender of their own liking. Perhaps I'm being naive, but I would not have thought this practice was done in Western cultures, yet here we are again. If medical society has begun to question this practice in the West, then what is not being said is how extensive these gender selected abortions are being done today.

Society and the medical profession have become so entangled in a web of their own making that on the one hand, decisions of who lives and who dies has become common practice, yet on the other hand, medical science has so evolved that saving a fetus that shows a dangerous medical condition in its earliest stages of development are successfully being saved. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. Without the ethical standards that the medical establishment adhered to in the past, where one could rightly accuse Dr. Mengele of atrocities for his experimentation on live humans, no one today can accuse Mengele of any wrong doing when they themselves are deciding who lives and who dies.

The medical society will only tighten the knots of this self created web of unethical and immoral behavior unless they take back their vow of "do no harm" and realize that quality of life is not determined by a doctor or a group of doctors. We have learned the wrong lesson from the Mengele era.


  1. And that is an excellent ( and disturbing ) point. Well said.

  2. Ah, Er, Mengele was also known (and it is kept quiet) as an Ipsimmus...which means, I think, he had fallen for the Nazi Thule society rubbish about a legendary Master Race to be made real. In practice this seems to mean he was brainwashed and given the "secret" title, Ipsimmus. And his great work apparently was making real horrors so that those in his care, disposable anyway, might be exposed to the most extreme traumas imaginable. Presumably his hidden superiors were not his line of Command or influence in Berlin, but the agenda he would adopt as a brainwashed person, Check out Monarch Programming with Mengele's name. Check out MPD or DID or SRA and it all dovetails I have written up how I discovered all of this, at I have yet to address modern usage of this programming, freshly able to identify the signifiers. I get the impression from experience with my father having dementia (and a Benemerenti and a Custodia Franciscalis Terrae Sanctae to boot) hospitals might just be engaged in Monarch Programmed "slaves" hanging around geriatric wards taunting the oldies with, just as a pilot project maybe, but an example of what brainwashed people could achieve even if not on the staff... Monarch "acting" to vicariously reduce the will to live with dissociative manoeuvers. It is all a con , but it is becoming seamless.
    Mengele would be proud, his being the Father of Monarch Programming and the secret
    puppet master. His charges have no idea their dress, comments, or attentions to the elderly are discouragingly fatal in an NLP sense. I did complain.

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