Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pro-life, Pro-family, Defender of Traditional Marriage and Electable

On Tuesday, I'll be heading off to the polls to vote in New Hampshire's primary elections. I've thought long and hard and have finally come to a decision as for whom to cast my vote. As mentioned in a previous post, (here), I am a one issue voter and I make no excuses for it. It's not that I think the economy, the war or Obamacare aren't important, they are, but I believe the issue of abortion is at the top of the list as far as importance is concerned. I believe all the other problems happening in our country stems from the lack of morality this country is faced with, and I think in order to get back on track and getting this country moving again is by repairing our moral compass and that begins by rescuing our unborn children.

My choices have come down to two candidates: Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. My own state's newspaper, the Union Leader, a paper I have to admit I read and admire for its more conservative leanings,  had an editorial stating that Gingrich is a conservative and was the only candidate that was capable of defeating Obama and for that reason we should support Gingrich in the primaries; sorry...not a good enough reason for me. I need more than electability from a candidate in order for me to vote for him or her.

On top of that, it is clear to me what the GOP elites and certain conservative newspapers are attempting to do. In endorsing Romney (with the exception of the Union Leader) and telling us there is no one better or more eligible to beat Obama and become president, and that by all accounts he will be the primary candidate, we should just vote for Romney and get it over with. I can't do that nor will I. Primaries are about choices, and I am not going to allow "elites" to dictate to me for whom I should vote. I've allowed that to happen before like Dole and McCain, but no more.

Too often in times past I've followed that line of thinking that though I liked a particular candidate, I would vote for another that had a better chance of winning...though I would have to hold my nose while voting. I won't have to hold my nose Tuesday, for I am voting as I have in the recent past, for the person I want to be President and not the one that has a better chance of winning. Though both candidates mentioned above have their own problems to deal with in the media I am standing with Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum, in my view is the one true pro-life candidate that is presented to us. He has proven that with his daughter Bella. Not only do I admire a man who not only talks the talk of being pro-life, but actually walks the walk and has no regrets.

I also admire him for his pro-family stance. He has spoken how the family IS the foundation of society and today that foundation is in grave danger. He speaks what I think when it comes to families. I believe him to be the man to  enact programs that will strengthen families, solidifying our American society. For too long this government has done everything possible to destroy families and we are seeing the results of this through one parent homes where the father is no where to be found. We see it in our welfare state where a single mother is rewarded for having children without a father being responsible for it's welfare and upbringing.

This third point follows the second, in that Rick Santorum is not only pro-family but firmly believes that marriage is between a man and woman, creating a stable home that is safe for children. A child has the right to have his or her own biological mother and father when ever possible. Taking a child and putting this child in a same gender home where he has two "fathers" or two "mothers" is not and has never been in the childs best interest.

Rick Santorum not only talks about God, but has proven to me that God is a big part of his life and the life of his family. I can connect with him in this also. There are those that would love to shut him up when he speaks of his faith and I'm sure the temptation is there for him to do just that, knowing the ridicule that is facing him because of his faith. Too bad. He hasn't shut up and takes the ridicule and lies and continues on. He's a bigger man than his critics on the left.

There are those that are afraid of a coming theocracy should Santorum be elected. I have no fear of that at all,  not from what I've seen or heard from him. What most critics do not realize is that we are already in a form of theocracy: Secularism. It has its own god to worship.

This country is in a moral quagmire and it will take more than a team of horses to pull it of there. It will take a moral stance and a moral defense of what is good as well as a change of hearts. I think this country is ready for a moral change. I've seen it in the general public as more of them have changed their minds concerning abortions and have become pro-life.

Obama and the liberals have done us a favor in the last three years. They have shown us their true colors simply because they are drunk with power and believe they can now come out of the closet and show this country what they stand for because they believe themselves indestructible. Our country has now seen first hand what happens when those who have very little respect for God and the moral absolutes that DO exist and have since the beginning, come into power. Yes, we are ready for a change, a change that takes us back to a moral country with the respect for ALL people, born and unborn.

No, I don't believe Rick Santorum is perfect in all ways. No, I don't believe him to be another messiah. What I do believe however, is that hopefully,  he is the one, the first of several in succession of presidents that will take his faith in God and change the course of this country and begin to put it back on a moral track.

Pro-life, pro-family and a staunch defender of traditional marriage. I think he is the best bet yet, and yes, I do believe he is electable and that he can defeat Obama in November.


  1. I actually came to a similar conclusion. Barack Obama is not an 800-pound gorilla! But if we keep pushing Mittens like some kind of virgin sacrifice to some monstrous god, we will lose, and we'll deserve to lose. Here's my take: (yeah, I occasionally post on her blog as well as mine).

  2. On two points I was pumping my fist in the air and shouting "darn tootin'" loud enough to wake my family: you will not allow the elites to dictate to you how to vote; and, this country is already a theocracy - secularism.

    I say the same for my own country. In that regard, I think Canada is well ahead of you, and I urge you to turn back before it is too late. The way ahead for you is not pretty, should you continue as you currently are going.

    There is a candidate among the current six I would like to be able to vote for, but alas my passport disallows it. I'm in a radical mood these days and badly want to see what his vision of your country would look like in actual fact. If he doesn't win the nomination, would you lend him to us?

  3. Fortunately, our primary in Georgia is months away, so I don't have to make a final decision right now. Like you, the issue of abortion is my #1 concern, but, honestly all the Republican candidates are pro-life. If elected, none will be an abortion advocate the way Obama is.


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