Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank God The Church Is Not a Democracy

One of the arguments that the Obama administration has been floating around in defending the HHS ruling is that over 90% of Catholic women have either used or are using contraceptives, and have had abortions. Using this statistic, the HHS is telling the Catholic Church that since so many Catholics are already defying the Church's ban on both these issues, there really is no conscience problem, and that it is high time the Church steps into the reality of this life and removes the bans on artificial contraception and abortion. It is time for the Church to abandon outdated philosophy and support the very people She purports to serve instead of alienating them.

Trying to push this idea that so many Catholics already defy the Church on abortion and contraception is reason alone for the Church to abandon her mission and role in this world is so astoundingly ignorant that it is mind boggling. Here's a news flash: The Catholic Church, in upholding and defending Apostolic Tradition and the teachings that have been passed down to us since the first century IS serving her people.

If the Church ever abandoned Apostolic Tradition then She would no longer be the Catholic Church. She would just be another man-made creation that in time would dissolve into obscurity. There is a reason why She has stood for two thousand years and it is precisely because She is not an institution created by man but by Christ, and that is why the Church cannot abandon her doctrines and Traditions. She can't. It's that simple. And this is what most of those that oppose the Church's stance on abortion and contraception cannot or do not want to understand. They clamor for the Church to change, but they do not realize that if Church did change the  teaching of the Truth of abortion and contraception, She would be denying Christ Himself, the founder and head of the Catholic Church.

 Another thing many non-Catholics and the liberals do not understand about the Church is that it is not a democracy. The Church simply cannot vote away these bans on contraception and abortion. Catholic beliefs are not determined by the vote of the people and they never have been and I thank God for that. What the Church believes and has passed on to Her people through out the ages is what has been taught since the time of the Apostles and the Church cannot change any of that, similar to what Pope John Paul II replied when confronted about the ordination of women, it simply cannot be done. The Church does not have the power or authority to change the Truth and Tradition as taught by Christ to His apostles and the apostles to their successors, today's bishops.

We may find certain bishops and clerics defying the Church instead of defending her, but the onus is on them, not the Catholic Church. Since the time of Judas Iscariot, there have always been and will always be people within the Church that defy Her authority. Even if all the faithful abandoned the Church, the Church would have no recourse but to continue teaching the Truth as it has been handed down to Her without fail. That is the Church's divine mission.

From the earliest Church documents of the first century, abortion and contraception were always considered and taught to be mortal sins. This is not something the Church invented when Pope Paul VI gave the world Humane Vitae. He upheld and defended two thousand years of Truth. He simply could not do otherwise. It wasn't in his power to do so. Even if he had wanted to allow this evil within the Church's teachings, he could not have done it and the Holy Spirit would not have allowed it. The Holy Spirit, the protector and guide of the Church, would have not allowed any doctrinal error to enter the Church despite all the bad popes and anti-popes that occupied the Chair of Peter.

Progressive Catholics and liberals alike do not understand the role of the Holy Spirit and the Church He protects from the gates of hell. It is for this reason that the ban on contraception and abortion will always stand. We, as Catholics, are taught to obey the Church's precepts and teachings, and we will always be protected from having to believe doctrinal error if it were possible for it to enter the Church.

There would be no uproar of the HHS ruling,  Roe v. Wade and same gender "marriages" etc. if the Church were a democracy because all of these things would be acceptable to the majority and they would vote to allow these evils into the Church. If you don't think so, look again at the statistic at the number of Catholic men and women using or having used contraceptives. The anchor of Truth that is the Catholic Church is why I am glad She is not a democracy. People waver on Truth: Christ through His Church does not.

There is no backward thinking in the Catholic Church. Yes, she looks to the past, but only to secure the Truth to teach the world of the present and future. There have been about 50  million abortions since Roe v. Wade. How many more women would have had abortions if it were not for the Churches ban? No, the Catholic Church is not a democracy, and I truly thank God for that, for the sake of the unborn and all of us that have faith in Her.


  1. Great post, I will mentioned it in my Brazilian blog (written in Portuguese):

    God bless you.

    Best always,
    Pedro Erik

  2. It is indeed mind boggling how so many, including way too many who call themselves Catholic, have no clue what constitutes the genuinely Catholic mind and heart. Great post.

  3. Would you believe that most women born since 1960, that have used contraceptives did so because they were not well formed in their faith? That we either were too young or not yet born when "Humanae Vitae" was written. We were NEVER taught it. Our brothers were never taught it, our parents were never taught it.

    I have known since my earliest days that a fetus in the uterus, is also a baby in the womb. That as a Catholic, we KNOW life begins at conception. If not, why then the feast days of the Immaculate Conception and the Annunciation of Our Lord?

    I stopped using contraceptives after learning about "Humanae Vitae" and knowing how true it is. By then I was old enough to have seen in my life, and in the lives of others the effects .

    No if 90% of American Catholic Women (their figures, not mine) use contraceptives, it is out of ignorance, not open rebellion of Catholic Teaching.

    Sandra in Severn

  4. It is appalling that the Keehan, Pelosi, Kimiec, and Sebelius type dissenters are daring to usurp the teaching authority of the Catholic bishops. Examples need to be made publicaly or Catholics in the pew won't know who to follow: The progressive Catholics led by Obama or the bishops.

  5. The RC Church is a Dynasty that will never end!

  6. Have you ever had an independent thought in your entire life? It is incomprehnsible that an inteligent individual would allow his reason be usurped by an institutional thinking. And there are more salient issues than abortion/reproductive rights, though they are important. There are issues of war, human rights, worker's rights, the environment, equal protection, use of resources, economic parity, etc.

    Apparently you are comfortable with a Eurocentric male ostensibly heterosexual celibate dictatorship...I was raised Catholic (even went to Catholic school) and the fact that they are living like it is the 14th Century is one of the many reasons I left, not to mention the Church's arrogance, opulence, hypocritical homophobia, harboring pedophiles, backing despots, being complicit with the genocide and enslavement of the native peoples during the Age of Discovery, their blatant sexism, inter alia, etc. And apparently I am not alone here in the US or in Europe, where it is basically dead as it should be, rational ethical secular humanism is the wave of the future, not morality based on shame and ancient superstitions...And as an American who I presume holds democracy as sacrosanct, how can you reconcile that with a dictatorship? Makes no sense to me.
    Lastly, I am fairly certain Jesus Christ would condemn virtually every high-ranking cleric as he did the Pharisees.

  7. Perhaps he would Anonymous, but perhaps he would also tell the faithful of today what he told those in his time, that the Pharisees and scribes sat on the Seat of Moses, the Seat of Judgement. That they were the teachers of the law and faith and to listen to them and obey them but not to do as they do. Thank you for your comment.


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