Saturday, March 3, 2012

Environmentalism: Misplaced Faith

I wonder what it's like when you put your faith and trust in experts, human beings, and stake your life on what these experts tell you is the 'truth'. I wonder what it feels like when all else in life is forsaken, and a cause is taken up so as to make sense of your life, to make your life mean something, to have purpose, value and to give a reason for your existence in this world.

Then, I begin to wonder what it must feel like when everything you believed to be true starts to crumble, that it was not what you thought it was, that beyond what you believed and had faith in, nothing else mattered, and now, there is nothing left for you to put your faith in. I wonder what it is like to find out that the experts were mistaken, or worse, deliberately lying to you.

I wonder what it must be like to defend something so vehemently, so thoroughly with your whole being, and that something, has come to be indefensible, a gross error, a misplaced trust and faith. I wonder how it feels when a horror and a despair is presented to you as true, when a tremendous fear is instilled in you that unless all people of the world, great and small alike, change their way of life, your life is lost or ruined. How does one feel believing his or her own life depends on everyone else believing and having faith in these experts as you do, and unless they do so, all is lost?

I, unfortunately, have seen some inkling of this in the last few years from hard-core environmentalists, those who believed that unless man changed his way of life, the earth was doomed. That unless man did something now, the world that we know would be destroyed, made uninhabitable by our 'excesses'. They've spent the better part of their lives acting out their little religious rituals of recycling, riding their bikes instead of cars, buying 'green' even if it costs more, saving animals instead of saving unborn children, thus rescuing the planet from the millions of carbon dioxide exhaling little babies, forcing others to except their 'faith' while decrying others who express their own faith in a greater good, something outside of man, in God.  I've seen them make environmentalism into a religious experience, a way of life and perhaps the only way of life for many of them.

I've seen the silence come from those who now are coming to realize that nothing they do will affect the climate, that all they've done to stop global warming was in vain and that their Mother Gaia didn't need them. I've read the reactions from these same people when asked about 'Climate gate', the unbelief in their words, their stumbling over words...I've read their despair...and their anger at the people they trusted.

My faith in a better world does not depend nor has it ever depended on human 'experts', individuals that are, like me, vulnerable to weaknesses, temptations and errors. God, not man, gave me this faith, a gift. He gave me value and a purpose in life. I was put here for no less of a reason than love. I was loved and in His thoughts before being conceived. He didn't need me or anyone else. God needs nothing, is wanting of nothing. God is complete, lacking nothing, and though there was no need for Him to create me, He did so anyway to share what He had with me, for me. He did not deny me anything... not even His son.

In placing my belief and faith in Him, I can watch all be destroyed around me and still know that He is there, that I am not lost, that there is a future, an eternal future with Him. That is not to say that I deliberately set out to destroy our world through selfish excess, but neither will I place creation above the Creator. I do not put my faith and hope in this world, what 'experts' say is important, but in the next world, where He tells me what is important and what He has promised to the faithful. Not faithful to our physical world, but in the spiritual world where he abides. I am not left alone for I was given His Word to live by. I was warned to beware of false prophets preaching their own gospel...a gospel of deceit. I was told to watch for the signs of the times, and that the day and the hour is not known to me, but to Him alone, and that what is required of me is to be ready for that day. I am not so arrogant to believe that I can change the global climate by mere human effort, for the Creator is still with us and is controlling His creation. My job is to love my neighbor as myself, and in so doing, loving God. What I do for the least, I do for Him.

I do feel awful for those that have put all their eggs in this 'warming' basket and finding their eggs being broken one by one. But at the same time, I can only say that we have all been forewarned of false prophecies, prophets of doom, those saying, "There He is!" For the end does not come when the scientists say it will come, but when He is ready.

This world is indeed in dire straits. Not from global warming, but from the coldness of our hearts and the misplaced faith and trust of this world in something that is fleeting, a deception. The fear we should have is in not placing our faith in Him. Do I think Christianity is the true faith, where our faith does belong and all the others are lacking of the whole truth? You bet. Why? Because in being a Christian, I accept the Word and the Word has told me "I am the way, the truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Not through Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, New Age, socialism, communism OR Environmentalism. No, through Christ alone do we come to the Father. It is with Him you will find my faith. 

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  1. Yeah, Ordinary Catholic. As usual, great piece.
    I just would add that our Christian God is not Allah, like so many Muslims and even Christian say.

    Pedro Erik


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