Sunday, March 25, 2012

Planned Parenthood Lunacy

If there was ever an organization that was totally immoral in its constitution and beliefs, the prize would have to go to Planned Parenthood. Not satisfied with providing access to unlimited abortions to would be mothers of all ages, they've gone one step further and are now advocating that "cool" parents would let their kids have sex at home, just like Dutch parents do, and we all know how cool the Dutch are.

In the article form LifeSiteNews here,

Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernadino Counties invited Amy T. Schalet, author of Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens, and the Culture of Sex, to keynote the organization’s “Consider This” luncheon last week.
Dr. Schalet, an assistant sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, said American parents should be more like their counterparts in the Netherlands, who allow teenagers to have sex openly under their roof. 

I simply cannot express the outrage that I feel at the moment that such a thing would even be considered. These people have the gall to think that parents are so stupid that simply because Shalet is a sociology professor and has first hand experience in the sex lives of Dutch teens that we would  just fall over and get in line by emulating Dutch parents.

She goes on to say how unfortunate it is that girls in America believe, "in their parents’ eyes they would be a disappointment if they were to engage in sex.” If I teach my children the moral goodness of abstinence, and the sinfulness of having sex outside the bonds of matrimony, then yes, I would be disappointed if they were to disregard my teaching. Just as as I would be disappointed  if they engaged in theft, murder and any other immoral act that I teach them to avoid. What else does she expect me to be? Elated?

The article continues, "Schalet wrote that a Dutch teenager who told her parents about her sexual relationship with her boyfriend “enjoyed time and a new closeness with her family.” and continuing,  “Obviously sleepovers aren’t a direct route to family happiness,” Schalet wrote. “But even the most traditional parents can appreciate the virtue of having their children be comfortable bringing a girlfriend or boyfriend home, rather than have them sneak around.”

 No, I cannot appreciate the virtue?? of making my children comfortable in committing a grave sin at home. If anything, I want them to feel the guilt even in the contemplation of committing such a sinful act. I want them ill at ease with the knowledge that what they are about to engage in is in fact a total disrespect for themselves AND their partners, and a total disregard for the dignity of both parties. If they sneak around it is because they know they are doing wrong in disobeying their parents and sinning against God.

Further in the article, "“It is the societal thinking—the norms—that make the Dutch, German and French successes possible. It is the openness and the acceptance that young people will have intimate sexual relationships without being married and that these relationships are natural and contribute to maturing into a sexually healthy adult.”

So, in other words, if we make sin the norm in society, and everybody is doing it anyway, then it is no longer a sin, since it is so common and of course, majority rules right? The only successes I've seen coming from the Dutch, Germans and the French is the fact that they have succeeded in allowing themselves to become completely devoid of faith. Their churches are nearly empty, their belief in God is passe, and the EU will take care them, and now, as a society, they are proud to be open and accepting of teens having sex. If this is success, they can keep in on that side of the Atlantic. This parent ain't fallin' for this BS.

In advocating this sort of behavior with parental approval, the only thing Planned Parenthood is doing is engaging in job security. If our children  are allowed space in our home to have sex with whom ever, and when ever they want with our approval, then they will engage in sex more often, and as it is shown here  the chance of pregnancy increases.  But that is ok. We get a package deal. If our daughters should become pregnant because of a failed Planned Parenthood condom, Planned Parenthood will provide an abortion too!The only caveat is that the parents will now be responsible to pick up the pieces of the psychological and spiritual damage done to our little girls.

Let no one tell you different. Children are nothing but a commodity to Planned Parenthood. They are in it for the money and nothing else. This is an evil organization, and a stake needs to be driven through its heart.


  1. Fascinating, isn't it? I had a friend, a social worker who was "spiritual not religious" who had a 16 year old daughter. While my friend was all for sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, she was extremely irate with her 16 year old for having sex with her boyfriend and could not quite explain to herself or to me why she was so upset...but I knew why. We all know that sex outside of the marriage covenant is intrinsically disordered - it's built into our psyche, and no matter how much we rail against ourselves, we cannot get rid of that small, little voice telling us we've done wrong.

  2. You're absolutely right Sarah and the same goes for murder, theft and dishonesty. We know it is wrong. We may not be able to explain why it's wrong or how we know it's wrong, but the fact remains that we know it's wrong...


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