Friday, March 16, 2012

Satan: An Enemy No Longer Recognized

Yes, I've also read the story about  Australian philosopher and medical ethicist Dr Francesca Minerva and Dr. Alberto Giubilini, a bioethicist from the University of Milan, who wrote the paper, "After-birth abortion: Why should the baby live?". And yes, I've known that there have been others before them, floating this idea that killing newborns should be permissible, but what disturbs me even more, if it were possible, other than that such an idea should even be contemplated, was the fact that the Journal of Medical Ethics thought it worthy to publish it. Journal of Medical ETHICS.

Even more disturbing to me is the fact that instead of the authors circulating this paper quietly amongst colleagues, they felt comfortable enough to have their paper published for the world to see. This tells me more about what the world will now accept as normal medical practice than it does about the morally repugnant nature of the authors pushing the idea that infanticide is the logical next step to abortion. In a nutshell, they argue that the reasons given to have an abortion should also extend to the newborn.

Evil is no longer recognized as evil today. In centuries past, and leading up to the twentieth century, evil had a name: Satan. Satan was considered the embodiment of evil and as a result, in direct opposition to God, the embodiment of goodness. However, during the last century, Satan has been able to accomplish something that has made him virtually invisible in today's world. He has finally instilled in many people the idea that he no longer exists and as a result, he has been able to roam the world at will without anyone recognizing him or his works.

Over the last fifty years or so, our society has been increasingly tolerant of evil under the guise of goodness. No one accepts evil because it is evil, but because it is presented as a good. This is Satan's expertise. Even in the desert, Satan appealed to Christ's humanity by presenting Him with temptations that would try to entice Christ to fall into sin. I do not think that Satan was sure at that time if Christ was truly the Son of God and had to find out for himself, so he tested Him. Mere man would have fallen to these temptations, but not God. Satan, though evil, masked himself to Christ as a good and compassionate voice so as not to be recognized for what he was, but Christ being who he was revealed him with the words, "Depart from me Satan!"

Today Satan has continued to use the same modus operandi in our world as he did with Christ as well as with Adam and Eve, and has become very successful because he is no longer believed to exist by many. Satan is no longer told to depart from us for our world no longer recognizes him. No longer having to mask himself, Satan has insinuated himself and his evil through liberalism and secularism by appealing to man's own sense of justice and fairness.

It was no longer fair that a woman should give birth to a child conceived through violence so legal abortion was introduced as the solution. It was not fair that a woman should be stigmatized for being pregnant out of wedlock or to have a child that she could not afford to raise. Sex is a beautiful thing and so natural and so pleasurable that it should be engaged in without being punished with an unwanted pregnancy: Enter mass distribution and usage of contraceptives. So keen was man's sense of justice and fairness that even abortion, no longer rare or safe (breast cancer), is used as a method of contraception. 

Giving up on the belief of God and Satan, man's soul has been fertile and accessible ground for evil to be sown. Without moral absolutes to guide him any longer, man as has turned against nature itself, seeing the unnatural as a good thing. Homosexual acts are no longer seen as a horrendous crime against nature or a grievous sin against a God who is dead. It was not fair that loving homosexual couples should not enjoy the benefits of marriage as did heterosexuals, so legislation is passed to now accept evil as an apparent good.

Since Satan has had time to kill, he has massaged our society for a long time, preparing us to accept more evil as a good, no matter how horrendous the evil. Why else would a university law student declare to the whole world that she was having so much sex that she could no longer afford it and that we should pay for her contraceptives? This would not have seen the light of day a mere twenty years ago. There was a time in our recent past where having a child outside of marriage was looked down upon. Today, its not so much the marital status that is of utmost importance but whether or not the mother will kill her own baby, or allow it to live.

The world has incrementally accepted evil over the last several decades and  this is why Dr Francesca Minerva and Dr. Alberto Giubilini felt comfortable in submitting their paper for publication. Though the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics,  Professor Julian Savulescu, director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics explained, the paper was not an argument in favor of infanticide, it certainly is telling that he would publish this paper, as if infanticide was a viable option for the medical world and parents to consider, and so it was worthy of publication.

In the absence in the belief of God and Satan, what was once considered good is no longer recognized as good nor evil as evil. This is why the world sees contraceptives, homosexual acts, abortions and yes, infanticide as good and humane things. If we want a glimpse into a world where God gives man over to his hardness of heart, as he did with Pharaoh, then we only have to open our eyes and see what is happening around us. Pharaoh's own words destroyed the first born of Egypt. What will our own words destroy in our time?

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