Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Catholic's Sexual Obsession?

The Left has always accused Catholics as having an unhealthy and unnatural view of sex, but consider this:

Who promotes:
 1.  Unfettered access of online pornography?
 2.  Homosexuality and identifying oneself by ones sexual orientation?
 3.  The 'artistic' right of Hollywood to churn out movie after movie depicting sexual innuendos and language,  nudity and sexual acts usually aimed at teens as their target audience?
 4.  Distribution of condoms in schools?
 5.  Educating students, including those in kindergarten, about sex in all its forms including transgendered,  lesbian and homosexual practices, and promoting them as normal and being equal to heterosexuality and frowning on teaching abstinence?
 6.  Sex with young boys? (NAMBLA)
 7.  Lowering the age of sexual consent for children to have sex with adults?
 8.  The fashion industry in designing clothes for young, teen girls that highlights their sexuality instead of their dignity, self-respect and modesty?
 9.  Taxpayer funding of contraceptives for students in college to engage in sex, and if the condom or pill should fail, taxpayer funded abortions?
10. "Pride" parades where the participants exhibit their sexuality in explicit forms of dress or even sexual acts to the public with the threat of sexual discrimination should they not be allowed?
11. Legalized prostitution?
12. Prosecution of the Catholic Church to the fullest extent of the law for the sexual abuse of minors by a small fraction of her priests, yet turn a blind eye to the thousands of students that have been abused by teachers, assistant teachers and  coaches in the public school systems, while the media practically refuses to report on the latter?

The Left may point their finger at the Church as being obsessed with sex, but a quick review of the above tells a much different story. Contrary to the Left's accusations, the Church has always promoted the teaching that the gift of sexuality given to us by God, when practiced within the context of marriage between a man and woman, is an expression of a total giving of one spouse to the other in love and holiness, while being open to the the other gift If Catholics are obsessed with sex, then it is in trying to stop the abuse (by Catholic and non-Catholic alike) of this God given gift and preserving the health, dignity and respect all those involved. Not so the Left.


  1. Transgenderism/transsexuality, intersexuality, and pedophilia are entirely diffrerent issues from homosexuality, though too many people, alas, can't grasp the difference.

  2. Intersexuality? I don't think I want to know.

    Excellent 12 step outline, OC. I said "Yeah! Who does promote that?" after each one.

    I suspect you are supposing "they" are operating from a system of logic and reason. I know you know better....

  3. "They" who allow themselves to be ruled by sins of the flesh and teach others to do the same have no use of logic Tess. Logic does not even become a consideration at this point, only the pursuit of sensual pleasure for its own sake.

  4. \\Intersexuality? I don't think I want to know.\\

    It won't hurt you to know, Tess.

    A certain number of babies are born with ambiguous genitals, or with chromosomal anomalies (XXY, for example), or whose chromosomal genotype does NOT match their genitals.

    Examples I've seen on science programs:
    1. A woman (to all appearances) who is actually XY. This was not discovered until her periods had not started by the time she was in college.

    2. A man who served in the armed forces--then was discovered in a CT scan to have a uterus and fallopian tubes, though externally he was male.

    While these are extreme examples, all these anomalies are collectively called "intersexuals."

    When I asked my doctor about this (a Catholic, btw), all he would say was, "In matters of human sexuality things are not always what they seem."


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