Friday, May 11, 2012

Frustrated Beyond Description

I've been watching events unfolding in our country for that last few days and I have to admit that I'm close to the breaking point. It seems that with every new day something good, traditional or holy is being decimated by the god-less left and I cannot help but to think at times that they are getting away with it. Whether it is the President announcing his approval of same-sex marriage, Pelosi telling me her Catholic faith demands that she not discriminate and accept same-sex marriage as a good and holy thing, a sheriff in Arizona being sued by the federal government for doing his job, NY courts telling people that viewing child porn is not a criminal act...where does it stop?

I'm this close (places thumb and finger a fraction apart) of closing shop on this blog. I do not pretend to think that this blog is what keeps the fabric of our universe together. Not at all. I see what is happening in our world and I write about it and give my views, views that I hope beyond hope may help another to see the moral chaos we are wallowing in and how it is contrary to the truth of our Catholic faith.

I feel as other faithful Catholics do I'm sure, that we are a voice crying out in the wilderness. No, I am the farthest thing from the saintly caliber of St. John the Baptist so I am not comparing myself to his holiness, only in the sense no one seems to give a hoot about absolute truth and those of us that do care and are voicing it are awaiting our turn at the chopping block. Salome is dancing for the god-less and I'm waiting for her to ask for our heads on a platter.

The evil is out there and it is growing very fast. They are Legion. Other than praying constantly, I'm not really sure what to do to combat this enemy anymore. I know how all of this ends for we've been told and that is my only hope, but I'm just not sure what my role is in all of this.

God protect and bless all of you.


  1. Don't quit now. We need all the warriors we can get.

  2. \\a sheriff in Arizona being sued by the federal government for doing his job, \\

    I live in Maricopa County, Arizona and can tell you horror stories about how Sheriff Arpaio does his job.

    People die under his custody, even while merely held for trial, because they are refused their necessary and customary maintenance medications, such as for diabetes and hypertension.

    I have met women who have seen other women deliver themselves on the floors of his jail, or even in toilets, though they screamed for medical assistance--again, women in his custody.

    His tent jails where he keeps county prisoners during 110°+ Phoenix summers are legendary.

    These are the acts of a sadistic tyrant, NOT a law enforcement officer.

    BTW, I'm a registered Republican who supports SB 1070, and will once again vote for ANYONE other than Arpaio.


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