Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gay Marriage and Emperors

Ancient Roman emperors sometimes declared themselves to be divine and accordingly would enact laws that would force the citizens of the Roman Empire to 'worship' them as such. I don't imagine that most of the Roman citizens believed in the divinity of the Emperor, yet it's amazing what the threat of prosecution and/or death did if one did not comply with a law that demands worship of someone they knew was no different in nature than they were. The Romans were being forced to accept a belief of something they knew didn't or couldn't exist, a concept of reality that resided only in the mind of one person, the Emperor. Man was of one nature they knew, and to just proclaim 'divinity' didn't change that fact.

Militant gays consider a union between two people of the same gender a 'marriage' and at the same time are trying to get laws passed that would require the citizens of the land to recognize the legitimacy of this 'marriage' as equivalent to a traditional marriage between a man and woman, and any defiance of that law would be met with the threat of prosecution from the state. As with emperor worship, people are now having to pay lip service to fantasy or pay the consequences.

The majority of people do not believe that 'gay marriage' is equivalent to traditional marriage. The only states that have passed such  laws allowing same-gender marriages have them because of legislative action and circumventing the direct vote of the people. Over thirty states brought this issue before the people to vote on, and in everyone of those states, 'gay marriage' was either defeated or the its existing law overturned. That is reality. The only way these laws can be forced on people is by keeping the people from voting on the issue.

Oxymoron; A figure of speech in which two words with opposing meanings are used together intentionally for effect; A contradiction in terms.

Gay marriage is such a figure of speech. A contradiction of the highest degree. A marriage has always been defined as a union between a man and a woman and it has been from the very beginning as every major, ancient civilization recognized this, civilizations that didn't know the existence of the other either because of distance in location or for the distance of ages between them. Yet, without having contact with each other, these civilizations all agreed with one thing. Marriage could only occur between a man and a woman. How could this knowledge of marriage have been possible and so prevalent over thousands of years? From the very beginning of human history? It couldn't be possible unless this was knowledge that was 'built' into human nature by some outside force during our creation and not our social environment. 

These same civilizations, unknown to each other, also extolled certain virtues that could not have been taught to each other, yet they existed. Honesty, Loyalty, Courage, Goodness etc...They all had the same set of rules that dictated what they considered acceptable. Not one of these civilizations praised dishonesty or liars, treachery instead of loyalty, cowardice over courageousness, evil for the sake of evil over goodness etc...So where did these virtues come from?

27 So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.


God, through the natural world created only two genders. Male and female. Not three, or four or more. Two. Its stands to reason that anyone born with two sets of reproductive organs, or a mental state that makes the same gender attractive to another is not what nature intended. It is the result of our fallen world. The old expression that when a child is born of parents and they are asked if the baby is healthy, many jokingly say, "Yes!! Ten fingers and toes!" In other words, the baby was born in a condition that was not contrary to what nature intended. Nature may produce limbless babies, diseased babies, blind babies etc...but this is not the intention of nature. They are exceptions, not what is considered normal to our nature. These exceptions do not make them less valuable in the eyes of God however, for they are still human beings, persons with the need and right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Homosexuality is not what nature intended either. It is an exception to what nature considers normal and helping them live in this idea that it is normal and that they also can be included in a valid 'marriage is not treating them with respect or dignity. It is enabling them to live a life in an idea that cannot exist in reality, a fantasy.  It does nothing to alleviate their burdens by pretending they can live this life without consequences. All human beings have something within them, either physically, mentally or spiritually that is difficult to live with and we are asked to live this life in the best way possible with the grace of God, not by denying our weaknesses.
The danger we face today is in making exceptions the rule rather than exceptions of that rule.

Two elements are necessary to make a marriage and that is a man and woman. As soon as another element is subtracted or added to this nature of marriage, it is no longer what it was intended to be and no longer a marriage, anymore than adding another element to hydrogen and oxygen that makes up water would result in 'water'. Or the taking away the oxygen molecule and using a nitrogen molecule to make water. It is not possible. H2O is what defines water. In the same way, the union of a man and woman defines marriage. There are no other possibilities.

The majority of people in this world know what a marriage is and what it is not. In their hearts...they know. As a matter of fact, I believe the homosexual heart knows this too. They know what they want cannot exist for them, that it cannot just be 'made' into law worth no more than the paper the law is written on with the intention of people accepting it as legitimate.

Today's society is trying to legislate exactly what the Roman emperors did; By law, to bring into existence a fantasy, something that cannot exist in reality but only in the mind of its adherents. No matter what the law says, it cannot change the substance of what cannot be changed in nature and still remain true to its God created nature.


  1. \\God, through the natural world created only two genders. \\

    Some creatures have only one gender and reproduce by budding or fission.

    Some are hermaphroditic and can fertilize their own eggs.

    Others can and do change their gender. This happens even among vertebrates.Some fish can reproduce either parthenogenically (producing all females) or sexually.

    Many birds who mate for life form same-sex pairs. Whether this is sexually motivated or a survival strategy is moot.

    And definitely homosexual behavior appears in mammals. There is the dud-stud phenomenon where 8-11% of male farm animals (depending on the species) show no interest in mating with females, but a great penchant for mounting other males. Curiously, this corresponds to the infamous Kinsey 10% statistic.

    Pregnant lab animals who are given a shot of androgens at certain stages of gestation produce males with similar propensities.

    And have you ever heard of bonobos?

    So if people say; that homosexuality is "unnatural," how do they account for these behaviors since they clearly occur "in nature".

    1. Let me this clear then Jack, as if it wasn't before, I was writing about humans...not barn yard animals.

  2. Let me make this clear, if it wasn't before. There may be more to human sexual orientation than meets the eye.


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