Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Protestants of the Catholic Faith

It certainly cannot go unnoticed at the number of Catholic blogs that have come into existence in the last few years. Catholic bloggers have become the new protestants. Protesting against those that have usurped the faith since Vatican II, bloggers in their unique way, have taken up the clarion call of shining the light of truth on issues that had until then, only been skirted around or completely ignored by those that should have had their finger on the pulse of all things Catholic.  These Catholic bloggers have taken up the challenge by the Vatican to make good use of the internet in evangelizing and they are taking up this challenge full bore. No longer can small 'c' catholics spew  their own brand of Catholic theology that is contrary to the Church without some Catholic blogger calling them on it. These cafeteria catholics are finding themselves in the spotlight and on the receiving end of a barrage of truth and are looking at a dismal future in the Church should they not conform to what the Church teaches.

Catholic bloggers run the gamut from the pew sitter to the faithful clergy and everyone in between. For a long time now, the faithful have been subjected to scandals that have festered unrelentingly while many of the church leaders spoke out too softly or not at all about these issues. It's no secret that Catholic education from CCD programs to Catholic schools and up through University levels have suffered from the lack of strong Catholic teaching. Bloggers now seem to be taking up the slack in many cases where those that should be instructing the faithful have lagged behind.

Are Catholic bloggers making a difference? I believe they are. I do not think it is mere coincidence that we now have more bishops that are standing up for the faith and confronting in no uncertain terms, those that stray from the faith and are public figures, or standing up against an ever increasing anti-Catholic government that is hell bent on making us doormats to wipe their feet on while trying to decimate our freedom of religion. I believe that some bishops, (though not enough yet) may have been either shamed or awakened by the rumblings of Catholic bloggers and are beginning to find the courage to take on their roles as shepherds quite seriously.

Listen to Archbishops Chaput or Dolan and you get a flavor of what  being a shepherd of the faithful sounds like. Read the likes of Father Z over at What Does the Prayer Really Say? and you find a priest that can cook up a storm and in the same breath teach everything you need to know about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and end up with what to do about Nancy Pelosi. Father Longenecker, a convert to the Church, is found at his blog Dwight Longenecker , is another blogger that is no slouch when it comes to exposing error in so-called catholic thought that dissenters insist is the truth, and instead gives us a steady dose of good solid teaching of the Catholic Church.

Stacy Trancancos over at Accepting Abundance , heads up in my view, a powerful crop of Catholic women bloggers that offer women's view of Catholic life as wives and mothers that is refreshing and faithful to the Church. Their voices are exactly the cure needed to combat the radical feminism that has long held our nation's women in its claws.  Dr. Taylor Marshall, Marc Barnes and Motley Monk and a host of others are laymen that offer a powerful witness to our faith in their own blogs.

The people mentioned above and many others that I have not named, both laymen and laywomen along with the clergy are fast becoming a first line of defense for our faith and their voice is loud and I believe being heard by the rest of us. Catholic bloggers have protested against the errors and scandals that have flooded our Church in recent memory but they have chosen to remain in the Church instead of abandoning her as the former Protestants of the 16th century did, to defend and take back the Church that has been held captive by leftists, dissenters and others that seek to destroy the one, true faith. While some have mentioned that the leaders of these dissenters are finding themselves on the tail end of their lives and with them the so-called "Spirit" of Vatican II, I prefer that they come back in full union with the Church before meeting their maker once they find that their brand of 'church' is no longer being accepted as gospel by many faithful Catholics. It may be, as others have said, that a schism is coming and the rats will flee the Barque of Peter.

The new protestants that are taking back the Catholic faith are not only bloggers but also ordinary Catholics such as William Blatty of "The Exorcisist" fame. He is in the process of taking Georgetown University to court for dissent. On the website ;  "William Blatty,author of The Exorcist and alumnus of Georgetown University,is preparing a canon law suit to be filed with the Archdiocese of Washington and the Vatican,alleging that the Jesuit run university is refusing to comply with Ex corde Ecclesiae, the Holy See’s directives for Higher education institutes,and is persistently giving scandal to the faithful."

This is big news. Blatty is doing exactly what should have been done by others in the Church whose obligations include keeping Catholic institutions in line with Church teaching. Georgetown is only ONE of many Catholic institutions of higher learning that no longer should be allowed to present themselves as Catholic. Perhaps Blatty will be the spark needed to get the ball rolling.

The tide is slowly turning in the favor of the faithful. Beginning with the Pope and the clergy, good leadership is vital for faithful Catholics to look to in these turbulent times of the Church. Catholic bloggers have a big part to play in our times of tribulation and have shown their mettle. The Catholic Church to which we cling, is starting to make the slow wide turn of an Ark, back to her true mission: saving souls. It's been a long hard road and it isn't over yet. The future is not for the squeamish Catholic and either we remain on board or get washed away in the wake.


  1. Lest the truth never be told:

    One very important turning point came in 2007, when Dr. Robert Sungenis published his demolition of the "dual covenant" heresy, which heresy had been officially promulgated by the US Bishops catechism on page 131.

    The piece in "Culture Wars" will never be acknowledged, and certainly Dr. Sungenis will never be forgiven by the neo-Catholics.

    But that was a major turning point.

    A Catholic layman did the bishops' job for them, sufficiently humiliating them that they began to pay more attention to the theological wolves in sheeps' clothing they had hired and coddled for decades.

  2. What I don't understand is why a local bishop forbade Michael Voris to present RealCatholicTV as a Catholic site.

  3. Ask Mark Shea.

    He certainly doesn't have this problem (which, by the way, is shared by Voris and Sungenis).

  4. I am happy to hear this good news, but it makes me sadder about my children, who were taught by the Spirit of Vatican II sort and have mostly left the faith. I did try to counteract it, but not too successfully.

  5. Ummm... isn't Robert Sungenis a believer in geocentrism?

  6. Anonymous, I agree with you. It is good news, but the after math of VatII has left a wide swath of devastation in the years following. My children also, despite my best effort have not kept up with their faith, but I will tell you this; I have not given up hope that God still draws them to Himself and one day, they will find they way back. A parents prayer is very powerful and never forget that! Peace

  7. Strains of a Handel oratorio, voices swelling....r-e-j-o-I-c-e greatly! Rejoice gresatly! Hallelujah, hallelujah, h-a-l-l-e-j-a-h amen! A-a-a-amen! Amen! (cymbal clash)

  8. @Jack:

    Ummm, Dr. Sungenis' PhD thesis, published as "Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Roght" is the world-standard reference on the subject.

    So the answer to your question is:

    Yes. Along with every Father, Doctor, and most importantly, the Author of Scripture.

  9. Thank God for Catholic blogs! My reversion started with a young priest using his blog to evangelize. Now I have my own. Bloggers represent a generation that wasn't fed the truths of our faith and instead were fed a steady diet of so-called 'social-justice' religion! Voris, Sungenis, Shea, even Fr Z,..all have their particular styles as do I. We can frighten the 'spirit' of the council heterodox crowd. They are the true protestants, they just had the keys to diocesan and chancery offices!


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