Saturday, September 8, 2012

How Much More Convincing Do Catholic Democrats Need?

This past week, the nation witnessed something that no longer leaves any doubt as to what liberal Democrats believe, or better yet, do not believe.  Before the Democratic convention and with the President's approval, the name of God was removed from the Democratic platform. However, there was such a backlash by some Democrats who obviously still believed in God and felt squeamish to say the least, at the removal of God from the platform, and from some Republicans who mocked the new wording promising to use it against Obama's campaign, that in front of the whole nation, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who was chairman of the convention, called for a 2/3 vote to determine whether or not God and Jerusalem were to be included back into the Democrat platform, per order of Obama.

It was obvious that the Mayor expected a Yea vote to dominate when he called for the vote, but to his chagrin it sounded like a 50/50 vote between yea's and nay's and unable to say the yea's had won, he proceeded to ask for another vote...and then another vote. It was crystal clear that the nay votes had won yet he decided for the yea's and put God and Jerusalem back into the platform. The boo's and hisses that came from the liberal delegates present was sickening. The boo's came from those delegates that did not want God mentioned in the platform and for the wrangling they saw from Villaraigosa trying to justify his decision.  For a party that claims that voter fraud is not widespread enough to condone voter Photo ID, the delegates saw their own party chairman commit voter fraud by declaring the yea votes had won when clearly the nays had overwhelmed the vote.

Though they voted God back into their platform, it was obviously a sham and a visibly embarrassing vote that sought to appease those who had protested the word change. The whole nation has now seen this debacle. There are however, a few questions all faithful Catholics who happen to be Democrats and expect to support the party in November, need to ask themselves. Why did the platform committee vote to exclude God in the first place with this Christian President's approval? What purpose did it serve? What does it say about what the Democrats have become? At least they were honest about what we have known for a long time and admitted it on national tv.

Over the years, many faithful Catholics have closed their eyes, held their noses and have voted and supported a party that endorses death to the unborn, Catholic tax payer funding of abortions and contraception and supports same gender 'marriages' that faithful Catholics know cannot ever be morally legitimate. I know that many Catholics are Democrats due to their cultural history and traditions and because their parents and grandparents were Democrats, but what we have today is not the Democrats that Grandma and Grandpa supported. Today's Democrat party is not even a ghost of what the party was thirty or forty years ago.

Today's Democrat party has a strong anti-christian bent that is becoming more and more blatant and pandering to the more extreme element of the left. Its endorsement of secularism is so evident that we saw the results of that in their vote to remove God from their platform. To those of us that are Catholic Democrats, the choice could not be more clear cut. How can any of us support a party of death, bigotry, anti-religion and has a total lack of respect for the weakest among us, the unborn? And now it has a become a party that has banished God from their platform. Not all faithful Catholics who vote Democrat endorse the radical elements of the party, but the truth is, we are known by the company we keep. If you are a Democrat, you own the platform. Like our Profession of Faith we recite every Sunday determines who we are as Catholics, the Democrat party's platform determines their own ideological beliefs and now, it no longer includes God. It may be on paper, but certainly not in their hearts.

Is this what some of us are going to support and vote for in November?  How can we have any more doubts about the extreme liberal left that runs the Democrat party and that some of us support? Make no mistake; God may be back in the Democratic platform, but as Clint Eastwood would say, the chair where God should sit is now empty.  If Catholic Democrats have any sense left of who they are and what they believe, then the choice to do what is right is perfectly clear. 


  1. The “vote” was taken 3 times at the DNC and The Lord was denied 3 times by about half the floor. I was listening for a cockcrow. I hate to use a harsh acronym, but if you’re a Catholic and a Democrat you really need to GTFO.

  2. Is deleting God from one party's platform more blasphemous than the party's co-opting Him? Is this worse than many cultural conservatives' confusing Christianity with cultural and political conservatism?

    I ask this as someone who has NO intention of voting for Obama now or ever.

    Is piety, rather than patriotism, becoming the last refuge of scoundrels?


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