Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Bird/Cheshire Cat Versus Romney/Ryan

There has always been a certain amount of truth manipulation from many politicians when expressing their views on certain issues, whether the truth is stretched a bit or it is skewed in such a manner that what is said is not what is meant, but the blatant lying that we witness day in and day out in the closing days of this presidential campaign is beyond anything I've seen in a long time.

To say that Obama indulges in fiction is diplomatic at best. Even his supporters in the media have called him out on a number of misstatements(I hate that word). I won't even go further back for examples of his lying than the outrage of Libya and the murder of the U.S. diplomat in the attack in Bengazi. Without batting an eye, Obama blamed the attack on an anti-Islam video when knowing full well that it was not just a protest to the video but a deliberate attack of our consulate by terrorists. Lying to the American people for about two weeks, this administration refused to change their story even in the face of the facts that have come out and are still coming out.

Lying comes too naturally to this President and apparently he's lied so much even he believes his own lies. How else could they trip off his tongue so easily? During the presidential debate we saw our President reduced to nothing more than the fictional character that he is. Never fully vetted as a candidate for president before the last election, this man was created in the perception the media wanted to portray. From the fictional story of his autobiography that he did not write, to the words he speaks ala the teleprompter, Obama's life as we see it has been fictionalized. Like Big Bird in a make believe Sesame Street, Obama exists in a land created by the media, a land of fiction.

Charles Krauthammer told the truth when he criticized those who said that Obama was just not himself during the debate. Krauthammer countered that yes, this was the real Obama that we saw. This is the Obama that has always been there, but masked over by the media, who to this day continues to cover for him. A man, who without his teleprompter to tell him what to say, Obama was no more than a puppet without strings during the debate. Nothing to animate him, the President was hunched over his podium, averting his eyes from his opponent and spouting mere talking points with nary a defense against the slings and arrows coming from Romney. This man of fiction was in full view of about 70 million people during the debate and this all but devastated the liberal pundits who were left with their mouths open at what they saw, or didn't see from their messiah.

Enter Joe Biden. The VP was given instructions for the debate that he would have with Paul Ryan. It is said that he was told to be himself, be the old Joe that we know. In reality however, he was sent out to save his boss's  image since the debate in any way he could. Biden failed miserably. He came off as an arrogant little man who's only defense against the truth was diversion FROM the truth. As one pundit said, Joe Biden kept a creepy smile on his face that resembled the Cheshire Cat. Indeed. Biden's grin would have made the Cheshire Cat envious. The only tactic Biden had against Ryan was the constant interrupting while Ryan spoke. Biden was seen laughing, denigrating his opponent with a shake of his head etc. In a nutshell, Biden was an embarrassment to this country. This was not statesmanship but desperation from a man that had nothing in his bag of tricks to counter Ryan. How could he even begin to defend the failures of these four Obama years we've experienced? Joe had nothing to say. Biden failed to save his president, the Democrats and most of all, Joe failed himself by his lack of truth.

I suppose we could cut Obama some slack concerning his aversion to the truth considering the people he kept company with during his early years. People such as Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright and Frank Marshal were influential to Obama. Their ideology built the bedrock of lies around which Obama's life revolved. But Joe Biden has no such excuse for his inaccuracies and outright lies during the debate beginning with the issue of Libya, that according to ol' Joe, he and Obama knew nothing of the calls for support from the Ambassador prior to the attack. His lie that the HHS mandate exempted employers who objected to providing and paying for insurance covering contraceptives because of their religious faith, and that the Church in particular was exempted from this mandate was blatant, enough so that Ryan immediately countered him by asking why the administration is continuing to be sued by those who supposedly are exempted,  and the Bishops issued a statement that Joe Biden was wrong in saying that the Church was exempted from covering and paying for contraceptives and the like.

Joe Biden admits to being a practicing Catholic, yet, as a man opposed to abortion and believing life begins at conception, he feels that he should not force his view on others, so he supports his boss's agenda on abortion. So much so, he defended Planned Parenthood when he said they could not perform abortions and that it was against the law for them to do so. Was he lying? In a way, I hope he was, for the alternative is scary to contemplate: stupidity and/or total ignorance. This is a man who is a breath away from being the President should the need arise. This more than scares many of us.

Biden did not have the pleasure of sitting in church and listening to Jeremiah Wright as Obama has. No, Joe presumably sits in a Catholic church each Sunday, calling himself a Catholic and receiving Holy Communion. He recites the Profession of Faith as we all do when we say, " I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church..." To believe in the Catholic Church, indeed, to be a true Catholic means to embrace her teachings and doctrines she has put forth. We as Catholic cannot pick and choose what to believe and not  believe. It is the whole shebang. Ol' Joe Biden knows this.

Does Biden feel any guilt or shame for his actions and words during the debate about abortion? Does he think he portrayed his Faith and the Church in a good light and without scandal the night of the debate? After forty or so years of practicing his faith, Joe knows better. Oh...he knows what the Church teaches about the evil of abortion, but like Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Sibelius et al, he seems have sold his faith for the power and the lies the left has promised him. But then again, perhaps behind all the bluster, the Cheshire grin, the maniacal laugh and the arrogance was a small man to be pitied for his weakness of not standing by the Faith he professes every Sunday and defending his faith. Whatever the reason is for Biden's bizarre behavior during the debate, one day in the future, we will all have to answer for what we've said and done in this world. Vice-Presidents will not be exempt either.

 After the debates were over, it was clear that it was Romney and Ryan who carried themselves as statesmen, serious and mature men who take this nations problems seriously and personally. Obama and Biden were painful to watch. There was nothing presidential about Obama that night, and Biden had to have frightened world leaders when he laughed during Ryan's discussion on Libya. Libya is nothing to laugh about certainly, but Joe should have known this.

Big Bird and the Cheshire Cat live in fictional worlds. Fictional worlds are usually easily discernible from reality by sane people. Somebody must have left the door open... 


  1. Planned Parenthood may not be allowed to do abortions in all locations.

    Until recently in my state, Nurse Practicioners were aborting an PP and doubtless other places. Fortunately, my state passed a law banning this practice, so presently there are none at our state's PPs. (I don't know if this is likely to change.)

    About Big Bird and PBS--PBS gets less than 1/10 of 1% of the total Federal budget. Whether this is money well spent is for others to argue. I admit I don't know.

  2. Jack, as it stands now, abortions account for 90+% of the 'services' PP provide. If some states prohibit PP from providing abortions, Joe could have qualified his statement about those states instead of again generalizing and making it sound as if there is nothing to worry about concerning PP and abortions. He made it sound and let stand the notion that PP could not by law perform abortions. That is disingenuous at best. As far as PBS, they do not provide a service that any other news agency(privately held) does not. They have generally been shown and admitted that they do have a liberal bent and using tax payer monies from those citizens that do not agree with their ideology makes PBS just another arm of the left at our expense. A good example of liberal bias of PBS is here in my state, here is the article:

    It may be 1/10 of 1% that PBS gets, but my taxes should not be supporting this. Take that tax money away from them and let them stand on their own two feet. Let PBS supporters privately give them money if they are that important to society. In my view, they are not. Thanks for your comments Jack.

  3. I remember when PBS was called ETV (Educational Television). Alabama was one of the pioneers. It broadcast programs for school use during the day, and of general cultural interest at night. I presume it was state funded, but I was just a child at the time, so I don't know.

    Liberal and conservative are relative terms. I think that all of us are liberal in some ways and conservative in others. Today's liberal is tomorrow's conservative. If you don't believe me, look at the distance between the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution--all written by most of the same people.


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