Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Charism of a Catholic Blogger

I've just discovered a new blogger that gave me much to think about concerning my own blog. Marcus Allen Steele here, discovers that each one of us has a spiritual gift or talent (charism) and has set out to discover his own. As he writes,

 "At the risk of being decapitated, I’m going to stick my neck out and state that writing may be my charism. Holy Spirit, if I’ve missed the boat on this, please tell me. Although I’m not entirely confident in my writing abilities, I remain committed and will hopefully become better. But I’m struggling somewhat with direction." 

I think most new bloggers, and I include myself, go through this self-examination in trying to discover the purpose of our blogs. Before I began blogging, I found myself commenting on various blogs and many times at length. I was encouraged by a few to start my own Catholic blog and in July of 2011 I took the leap and began Peter's Barque. We all know that for a long time now, the liberal, progressive Catholics/Christians seemed to dominate most religious online news sources with very few of us that are faithful to all the Church's Doctrines and teachings, risking ourselves to exposing the scant truth or outright lies of these aforementioned progressives.

I had one purpose in mind when I began blogging; to tell the Truth of our Church as best as I could and expose the lies leveled against her. It's not been easy to do. Like Steele, I do not consider myself a writer, yet in his case he is wrong. Marcus writes very well and expresses his thoughts quite eloquently. As a faithful Catholic however, I do have many thoughts on faith and how it affects the public square, and I try to write them down in a manner that makes sense to others.

Do I have a charism? No, not as a writer, but perhaps I do as a layman that is trying clear the path of chaos among many of us that have fallen victim to a liberal faction within our Church determined to recreate the Church in its own image. Have I been successful? I'm not sure. Though I do have a certain amount of regular readers each week, I still question whether or not this charism I may or may not have is truly divinely inspired and strengthened. I continue to pray to know His will in all of this.

At its founding, Peter's Barque was born out of frustration and a sense of being left stranded by our Church leaders when it came to defending ourselves. As I wrote in another post, Catholic bloggers have picked up the standard and have plowed ahead in making themselves a front line in defending our faith against those too willing to destroy our Church from within and without. Paradoxically, the Church is its own worse enemy to its life on earth, but also Christ's mode of salvation in this world today since Pentecost.

Though still frustrated at times with the slow moving though unmistakeable move to restore our Faith by the Church's hierarchy, as well as their coming to her defense lately,  I also have sought out the Holy Spirit in what I write instead of reacting. The ego is a terrible obstacle when determining what thoughts should be posted. We, I, have tried to find my role in all of this. I know I've opened the eyes of some people to the truth of what the Church teaches, but on the other hand,  I know I've angered others. Sometimes anger is the catalyst to discover the truth, but it also can alienate others. I hope I've not driven any away that may have teetered on their faith, not sure which way to go.

I know I have been blunt in the manner that I write down my thoughts, but at the moment, that is who I am and my style, if I do have a style, reflects this. Like Marcus, I hope to improve my writing skills, say what I mean and mean what I say. To those that may have been offended by my 'style' of writing, I ask that you overlook  my one-brow, Neanderthal clubbing over the head manner. Remember, we are all saints in the making and I am no different.

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  1. Here is an encouraging thought from blogger T.J. Burdick:
    "Your writing solidifies the eternal message you wish to leave this world. It is also a rung on the ladder that can bring you closer to salvation, yours and that of those who read your words. To the degree that you are able, share the light you have been given in your words. It is the only beam that will reflect your holiness both while you are on this side of eternal life and the other."


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