Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Third Hour Of Christmas

Those with an eye for detail must have noticed that several of my posts are written in early morning. I've gotten up early for so long because of my work that even on days off I have trouble sleeping to a normal hour.

It is now three o'clock on Christmas morning and I'm awake. I know many of you would think that odd for someone to be awake at this hour especially if one is not preparing for work, but here I am. As would be expected, it is very quiet at 3:00 am, especially living in the country. As a matter of fact, the road I live on is isolated and has no street lights. My neighbors are so far away that any light emanating from their houses is unseen from my own home. You can be sure that when I look to the night sky every star created seems to be visible. It's an awesome sight.

But there is another quiet that rests here at this hour. It is a quiet that goes deep within me, to the core of my being. It is easy to feel the solitude that the shepherds must have felt two thousand years ago watching their sheep on that first Christmas morning. Unknown to them and the rest of the world, God was quietly at work saving us all. Though I may not feel it, I now God is quietly working in my own soul. It is a deep work, a quiet work with no fanfare. It is a work so important to Him that He came among us and died so we would not self-destruct in our foolish ignorance. Though I may not always feel Him at work in me, it is at times like this, at this hour, that I feel a profound peace within me despite the turmoil that surrounds me.

This third hour of Christmas is a blessing to me from my Lord. I am alone with Him and he whispers things unheard but to the ears of the soul. My soul. There is a big difference between worldly peace and the peace of heaven. When I pray for peace in the world, I know that this peace will only last until the next violent act. The peace that heaven offers is a lasting peace. It is a peace that anchors itself in our hearts and souls if we are open to it. It is not a peace that depends on weakened man but on the One who created me. So yes, it is a lasting peace.

It is a peace that gives me a glimpse of heaven while I'm trying to keep my head above the water of this world. This is a spiritual peace that only the soul can experience, yet the body cannot help but respond to it. I know I will lose my grasp on this peace while treading the worldly waters if I allow it, but like Peter, I will call out "Help me Lord!", if I begin to sink again.

As always, I awaited His coming these past few weeks of Advent as I do every year. I have not been disappointed. He has come. He is here now for us all.

With all the love that this weak little man can muster at this third hour of Christmas, I desire for all of you a very holy, blessed and joyful Christmas. Come Lord Jesus, Come!

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