Friday, December 28, 2012

Waiting For The Heroes Of Our Age

I suspect that many people have been waiting as I  have, for someone to come along and fix things in our society. Lately, our society as left a lot to be desired. Civility has all but vanished in our little worlds as well as the world at large. Violence, in all its dimensions, is more common place whether in word or deed and has largely replaced a certain safety and peace we had come to expect from each other including the respect and dignity due to each one of us as human beings. Selflessness has been replaced by selfishness where the common good of our society is no longer considered first and foremost, but coming after our own desire of what is good for me and the heck with everyone else.

There is very little in our world today that unifies all of us, but much that divides us. Secularism and relativism is fast encroaching upon us with devastating results. We bemoan what we see and experience in our violent world, yet we continue to place obstacles before us instead of recognizing and accepting the good that could alleviate the problems we face. God? Of course God, but as in the past, God spoke through people He chose such as Abraham, the Prophets or the Church. Diseases were cured through the Curies and Salks of the world that God sent to us. Evil was confronted by pious and courageous men and women who thought not of themselves but of their fellow man and their own children as they marched off to war to defeat it. Religious faith was fought and defended with the likes of Augustine, Aquinas, Padre Pio and all the saints that God raised to defend us.

We seem to have a severe lack of these heroes in our society today. Cancer and HIV are rampant, wars and conflicts rule the landscape, religion is seen as a pariah on the world and godlessness seems to rule the day. Though many do fight against these evils and heroically at that, where are the particular heroes that will lead the way for the others? Where is the Salk that will find the cure for cancer? Or for Parkinson's and HIV? Where is the statesman that has been given the gift to soothe the violence subdue the evil that that permeates the world, pitting nation against nation, people of one ethnic group or culture against another? Where is the saint that will warn us against taking the wrong path or instill in the world a true desire for peace that it clamors for? Has God given up on us? Is that why we cannot find these true heroes in our midst anymore?

God is faithful and we've seen that time and again in the Old Testament even when Israel turned away from God. God would not have come to us and sacrificed Himself  in our place if at some juncture in human history He would have washed His hands of us. So no, I do not believe He has given up. As a matter of fact I believe he continually sends heroes into this world to help us but we in turn keep rejecting each one that is sent. How do we reject the heroes sent?

Consider this possibility for the answer: Since 1980, 1,200,000,000 (billion) children have been destroyed in the womb through abortion. Compare that number with China's population of 1,339, 724,852. How many heroes in this number did God send to this fallen world? If we keep destroying and killing the modern day prophets that are sent by God then who will speak for Him in our world? Maybe, just maybe God will begin to speak to us directly and we will not like what He has to say.


  1. Amen on that! I know how you feel. I'm a young person myself and very concerned about the way we're are headed. More concerned than most I guess. Very few actually understand what's coming or they really don't care, esoecially teenagers. As for Abortion, that is the worst sin of this age. God will judge us so severly for Abortion. They're blood cries out for vengeance. We need great Saints in this age. I'm trying to be a saint. That's the only reason we're hear anyway, but how few are actually trying to be saints? Not many, I assure you. Not in this culture, that's destroying the souls of everyone. I could go on, but that's enough for now. By the way, I found your blog recently and love it. I check in here everyday. Fight, my brother. Don't give up. Become a saint!
    "Fight, you children of light, the FEW who can see for NOW is the time of all times, the end of all ends." -Our Lady of LaSalette

  2. The selfishness you speak of reminds me of children or adolescence. As I read on another blog this morning…in first stage we ask “what could it hurt?” in the last stage we will ask “How were we supposed to know?”

  3. The constant voice that is the Church tells us what it could hurt. The excuse of "How were we supposed to know", especially for Catholics, will be an eye opener when the Truth of Her voice is revealed as from the Lord. We as Catholics will have no excuse.

  4. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your support and yes! continue in your goal of becoming a saint! There are more of you than you may think, quietly becoming saints, through prayer and God's grace, but once in a while, when we least expect it or recognize it a saint stands in our midst. Pray that it happens soon.


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