Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Wretchedness and the Litany of the Saints

I mentioned to a good friend of mine that once again we would be hearing and praying the Litany of the Saints on the Easter Vigil and how I loved it so much. She said that she also had a fondness for it and had just watched it on You Tube recently, so I went to the site and opened one of the videos containing the Litany. This was during a Mass of ordination. Here

There has to be something seriously wrong with me. The cantor had just barely started invoking the saints when the tears came. I just.could.not.stop.them. I felt so small, so insignificant, so wretched, yet at the same time I felt overwhelmingly loved by God and the hosts of heaven to whom the Litany was directing its prayer to. It is this love that brought the tears. There is only so much love that I can take at one time without losing it and this was it.

Think about this; All those Saints to whom we pray, who are at our beck and call to aid us in the worst of circumstances are just waiting to help us. God gave them to US! That is the love God has for us. He allows Himself to be swayed by the prayers of his heavenly saints that held on to their faith and love of God through their time on earth. The simple point is, no matter how alone we feel in all that is swirling around us, how frustrating it is, how so desperate times may seem we have friends in heaven that have gone through exactly what we are going through and are begging us to ask them for their aid. That is the Church Triumphant.

I felt so small, wretched and insignificant because of what I KNOW of  myself...what I think...what I do and what I say and very seldom is any of  it very good, yet I am still loved by my Father. He always gives me a chance to return to Him.  How wondrous and unreal is that?. And I am to love others like this?? Another reason for my feelings is that I am one, just one person in six billion people on this earth, with countless that have gone before us and I am as important to Him as any of them.

If I had to go through my daily life feeling what I am feeling right now because of this unbelievable love, I could not function. Sometimes we think how wonderful it would have been if we had lived during the time of our Lord, seeing Him,speaking to Him, touching Him, yet that wasn't enough for the apostles...they all abandoned Jesus despite being with Him for three years!!. One betrayed Him, one denied Him and all left Him in the garden. Do we really think we are so different? Do we really think we would have stayed and perhaps have been arrested also?

Back to the Litany. I know what will happen when I go to the Vigil this year and we begin the Litany of the Saints. I will choke up and my eyes will well. Thank goodness the lights are off during this time and the sanctuary lit only by candle light. His light. God is merciful is He not?


  1. Saints often refered to themselves as wretched sinners in their earthly life and many are turned-off by this. Why be so hard on yourself? You are made in the image & likeness of God. Your are a child of God. Be proud.

    If we compare ourselves to other human beings, we may be “not so bad”, but a direct comparison of us to the most-high God shows our wretchedness.

    Like a piece of glass held up to the light, the saints saw the dirt clearly.

  2. \\ He allows Himself to be swayed by the prayers of his heavenly saints that held on to their faith and love of God through their time on earth.\\

    Not true.

    The purpose of prayer is to get in touch with God's will and to move with Him, not to get Him over a barrel and do our bidding.

    However, the saints and especially the most holy Theotokos know best how to pray according to the will of God. And contrary to some pious drivel saying the Virgin can veto the intercessions of the saints, the blessed do NOT pray to cross purposes in Heaven.


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