Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Church in Decline

If one is to believe the MSM, the Catholic Church's heyday has come and has already gone. She is now in her death throes along with her ability to influence people with her moral stances that contradict those of the world. The Truths of the past that she continues to teach is so out of step with our changing times that it makes one wonder how she could have survived this long. According to the secular world, her inability or desire to change and accept that the world view on abortion, homosexual acts, euthanasia, contraceptives, women's ordination etc., have now become good and necessary things in the fight for human rights in the world, makes the Catholic Church's death or insignificance in the world only that much more painful for her.

It may come as a surprise to many practicing Catholics that we are now experiencing  her death spiral. Yes, many defy her teachings on abortion, contraceptives and gay unions erroneously called marriages, but history has taught us that the world's defiance of the Truth has been part and parcel of its war against the Church and against God in general. Why would it be any different in our age? Many think that because of the sexual abuse scandals, the Church has lost all authority and integrity as a moral agent in this world, hence, the world would be better off without the Catholic Church. If this is true, then we need to bring this thought to its logical conclusion, that is, since thousands of public school children have been sexually abused by teachers, principals, teachers aids, volunteers and coaches, then we should also eliminate the Dept. of Education and close our public schools. Makes sense doesn't it?

Attacks against the Catholic Church and its faithful are nothing new, yet if we are so backwards, so out of touch, homophobics, and  misogynists why bother with us? Why expend so much time and energy attacking us through legislation, persecution, ridicule and the like if the Church's moral influence is waning as we are told it is? This is the equivalence of kicking someone that is already down on the ground with no prospect of being able to get back up. So why bother?

Indeed why bother. First of all the Church may be experiencing worldwide persecution on an alarming level, but that doesn't mean her demise is imminent. What it does mean is that the Church's mission and message resonates with many and it scares the hell out of secularists. In some parts of the world, Catholics and Christians in general are being martyred for their faith, while in the more "civilized" industrialized west a subtle and not so subtle agenda is being promoted. Martyrdom is a messy business for many elites of the west, so other methods of attacking the Church are employed such as silencing her through legislative means, public repudiations and ridiculing her for her teachings on morality. But again. why bother shooting an already dead horse?

The dirty little secret is that the Church is far from being dead. Ill maybe, but not dead by any means nor is it ready to die. Despite the MSM's claims, the Catholic Church is very influential and the secularists know it. The Catholic Church IS the moral voice of the world, its conscience, and the only way to rid the world of this little "voice" is to eliminate the one with the voice: The Catholic Church. Yet, in their ignorance they unwittingly give voice to the Church, an institution that is presumably out of touch.

Look at the media coverage of the elevation of Pope Francis. The media was besides itself in covering every angle possible of this event. They dug deep into Vatican protocol, rooted out the most probable candidates for pope, declared almost assuredly who would be pope, and those that weren't as sure of the victor, tried to influence the outcome by telling us who they thought would be best to lead our Church in today's world. That would be like the fox telling the farmer which chicken should be guarding the coop. The media scraped every corner of the world in their search for a Catholic commentator so as to give them credence in their coverage of the papal election. Yet despite their best efforts to influence the conclave, the Holy Spirit again confounded the media in giving us Francis.

In their total ignorance of how the Catholic Church works and what role the Holy Spirit and the Pope plays in all of this, they sought to influence the public view by telling the unsuspecting what kind of man the Pope should be if the Church was to survive. Why should they be concerned with its survival at all? The Pope can only uphold and defend the Truths that the Church has taught for two thousand years. He has no power to change any of that, no matter who he is. That is the ignorance of the secular world.    And all the secular speculation of how Pope Francis will pan out as head of the Church is enough to make one vomit. That's a lot of news coverage of an event in the Catholic Church, a church they already view as a corpse isn't it?

Why is it so important to feminists and homosexual activists that the Church change her teachings? We are nothing in their eyes or is she more important than they care to admit?  The MSM, feminists, homosexuals and the heretics within the Church want, nay, need the Church to change her views to theirs in order to justify their lifestyles. They know that is the only way to validate their defiant voices.

As I said earlier, the Church is no stranger to outside persecution and she knows how to deal with it. Our two greatest enemies are the "dictatorship of moral relativism" and the heretics within our walls. No, neither one will be the end of the Catholic Church though she is greatly weakened by them. The Church is here to stay and stay she will, continuing with her mission of saving souls until the second coming of her founder: Jesus Christ, the son of the ever-living God.

Oh yes, the Catholic Church is a big deal to these people otherwise we would be left alone. We better be ready for the onslaught of persecution and prosecution that is coming. The line between the world and the Church has been clear for ages, but the lines between the defiant and the faithful in the Church, though murky at times are now absolutely clear for anyone with eyes to see. See you on the other side.


  1. If the Church were a purely secular institution, it surely would have whimpered and died long ago. There have been periods in the past when the institution of the Church was rife with immorality and at the time, there may have been nasties who said, "Surely this, at last, is the End Of The Church!"
    But they didn't - and our MSM doesn't - understand that the Church is not an institution of man, for all that the human element within Her often goes astray.
    Thank goodness.

    Gold stars for using the words 'confound' and 'nay'. Excellent!

  2. Tess, when I think of all the times in our Church's history when the human element went astray as you say, it reminds me often of ancient Israel. How many times did she abandon God, was punished, and called back to God? It seemed never ending!! The common denominator in ancient Israel and the Catholic Church is still the human being, the fallen creature. This is what we have to deal with, and of course, many times it looks bad for us. This Easter Vigil, as in the past vigils, we will again hear our history, our connection with the ancients spoken from the Word. This is the perfect time to give us pause and realize that with all our foibles within the Church, we are not abandoned and to remember that it is Christ himself that set the human element to run the show within His Church! Lol, that is why he promised us the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. Think we could do it ourselves? Fat chance!!

    Confound and nay excellent? Lol.


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