Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In My Room

This is a song by the Beach Boys that was written in the sixties I believe and it's a song I always loved because of the melody. It was so slow, harmonizing and just soothing to listen to. I never gave lyrics much thought in my youth because as a guitar player I was always listening to the instruments and the music itself, but  then I found this a few weeks ago. Here are the lyrics for In My Room.

There's a world where I can go
And tell my secrets to
In my room
In my room

In this world I lock out
All my worries and my fears
In my room
In my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing laugh at yesterday

Now it's dark and I'm alone
But I won't be afraid
In my room

God speaks to us in so many ways. When this song was written it was during a tumultuous time in our world, where authority was questioned, religious as well as traditional secular institutions were rejected and it was the beginning of what I would call societal chaos and I believe the end result is what we are witnessing today and with more to come. When looking over these lyrics for In My Room, I began to wonder if God was speaking to us, the younger generation through this song, telling us to be careful and not to despair for what was to come. We all have our 'little rooms' where we go to be alone with Him and think things through. How better for God to reach the younger generation than through one of the most popular bands of the time? Just sayin' .


  1. And ya know, so many back then predicted it would be the end of us. They were right just couldn't nail the time frame. Cultural changes and mistakes always take 1-2 generations before you see the effects.

  2. You are right Chris. We see the effects that progressive clerics with laymen and women imposed on us as Catholics with their version of the "Spirit(faux) of Vatican II" a generation ago. The fallout of their progressiveness has been horrendous on this present generation.


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