Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Miracle In This Culture of Death

Yesterday morning I received a text from my eldest son. It was 4:50 A.M. and all the text said was, "Up?". Immediately I shot off a reply telling him yes, I was awake but also asking him "Whats wrong???". It was too early in the morning to receive such a text with having some concern as to why he would be texting me at that hour.  Of course all kinds of scenarios, mostly bad, were working through my mind as I awaited his reply. It came in short order. His wife was about to give birth. This is not unusual in itself but she was a month early! His texts came in a staccato like fashion, unable to write out full sentences because of the time limitations he had between letting me know what was going on and being there for his wife.

In that second text, he not only told me about the imminent birth but with the request of one thing: pray. I replied that of course I would and told him when he was able to, to send me an update. For an hour I waited for the news when it finally came. It was a boy. He was healthy as the dickens with no complications and Mama was doing just fine though exhausted. I thanked him for the information and asked him to call me when he had the chance later that morning.

I've had 5 children so a birth is something I am very familiar with but at the news of my new grandson I felt my eyes welling with tears off and on for the next hour or so. It wasn't because this new life was my son's first, or even that it was my fourth grandchild that caused my eyes to tear up though that would be very normal for me in these cirucumstances. No, it was something else that brought these tears of joy.

It was the fact that in this world where human lives are so easily snuffed out especially for the unborn, a new life was allowed to emerge. Though I never thought my son and daughter-in law would ever abort their unborn child the choice had been given to them and sanctioned by the government. To them, choosing anything but life never entered their minds, but to many others having the right to choose to kill their own unborn child  is sacrosanct. The government says so. The government gave them that right.

I hear much about how a decision to abort is heart rendering for a woman and I've always wondered why it would be so if the unborn were only a mass of tissue as they are told and not a little human baby. A person. No. It is heart rendering for many because they know, deep down, even when they are told differently by a medical "professional", what it is they are killing. Terminating. Snuffing out. They know.

Today my daughter-in law is holding her little bundle of tissue and loving it more than her own life. Giving birth to a new life is more of a miracle today in this battlefield we find ourselves in than it ever was. God touched my family yesterday morning at 6 A.M. and I thank Him for that.


  1. It is truly strange to think that life can be snuffed with merely a single decision by another person. But how sweet this new baby lives . Congrats Gramps.

  2. Thanks Chris :) Yeah, that's what it's come down to, one person that has the authority to eliminate the life of another. On another note, as of last Wednesday I also became a great grandfather lol. A grandson and a great grandson within two weeks of each other! I'm on cloud nine :)


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