Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How Much Trust Did We Place In The Holy Spirit?

Last spring I posted here , a warning of sorts for all Catholics who were highly critical of Francis the new Pope. At the time I sensed a lot of anger and bewilderment over Pope Benedict's abdication of the Seat of Peter and much of this anger seemed to had spilled out and targeted the new Pope Francis. All undeserved in my opinion. There were rash judgements and condemnations of the new pope that made me squirm so uncomfortably as a practicing Catholic. Many traditionists were quick to write and blog their resentment and made no bones about what they saw in Francis. In a nutshell some of us loved the new Pope Francis. Others, such as myself, eyed and listened in quiet concern at some of the things he did and said while making no judgements about him, but keeping a wary and discerning ear to the ground. And others, to whom my warning went out to, were ready to hang him from the highest pulpit for being a liberal cleric.

My questions to all of us and in particular, to the less than diplomatic critics who in my opinion disrespected not only Pope Francis the person, but the very head of the Church who now sits on the Seat of Peter itself with their bombastic, kneejerk criticisms are these: Did you not trust the Holy Spirit to protect our Church? Do you still not trust the Holy Spirit to keep us safe in allowing Francis to be elevated to his office, or even perhaps personally choosing Francis Himself?

What is it about the "powers of hell shall never prevail" do you not understand? We've had bad popes and anti-popes before. How many of them officially changed Church doctrine and allowed errors to enter the Church? How many? Why did you or do you continually vilify this Pope? I'm sure that all of you who are so knowledgeable would have been a shoe in and fully trained in being a pope of over one billion Catholics in just a couple of days correct? The man could not even begin get his sea legs under him as leader of our great Catholic Church and people were ready to keel haul him. This man Francis who is Pope has said things in the last several weeks to even a few days ago that does not sound even remotedly heretical as some of you critics proclaim but extremely orthodox in nature to our Faith. Why did you not give him time to adjust, exercise patience and even a bit of humility before slinging your arrows at him?

Are we now going to hear any apologies or are those beneath you? Oh Ye of little faith. If Francis turns out to be the bad man you've made him out to be, then deal with it. If the Spirit saw fit to allow him to be Pope, then we deserved it and it is part of our healing. If you were all wrong about this man what say you then? Why don't you trust the Holy Spirit to do what our Lord has promised?

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