Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Holy Week a Winding Down or a Beginning?

Having entered Holy Week we begin to anticipate the ending of the Lenten strictures that we have placed on ourselves since Ash Wednesday and to the culmination of our spiritual freedom gained for us by Christ on Easter Sunday and the Resurrection. Hopefully everything that we have practiced for the past several weeks (prayer, almsgiving and fasting) has helped us to prepare for the greatest feast of the Church year. But is Lent only a time to prepare for Easter or for the beginning of a new, more full, spiritual life as a Catholic as the year continues on past Easter?

Christ's 40 days in the desert prepared him for his mission of salvation for mankind. It was not a preparation for one particular day after the 40 days as Easter is for us, but a preparation  for living the rest of his life. For Christ, almsgiving, fasting and prayer were constants in his life even after having left his own lenten desert. We need to ask ourselves whether Easter Sunday will end our Lenten practices for spiritual renewal or will it continue  past our own time in the desert, past Easter, until we come face to face with our Father?

Happy Holy Week

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