Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fast Tracking Two New Saints?

...and so goes one of the arguments against the two newest saints of the Catholic Church. We can ask ourselves all we want as to why the Church seemed to have circumvented the red tape of "time and process"  before proclaiming Popes JXXIII and JPII saints and depending on who you ask it will all be speculation. In the final analyses it is a done deal. It is an infallible declaration of sainthood to two fallible men and I say good.

Enough already. There has been a constant bashing or so-called analysis of everything that has come out of the Vatican since the elevation of Pope Francis. It seems that everything that comes out of the Vatican HAS to be viewed under a blogger-genious-theologian-I know better than the Church-I am Pope(almost) type scrutiny that really sickens me. There has been a very significant lack of humility in Catholic circles that identify themselves as the "GUARDIANS OF THE FAITH!" I am not at ALL surprised at  the lack of support for Catholic blogs by some bishops. I wouldn't support some of them either. Hell! I wouldn't even support mine when it comes down to brass tacks! Many of our bloggers have become nothing more than malodorous petards who seem to have a need to make an ecclesial crisis of every little nuance from the Vatican that does not seem proper.

We seem to have lost all sense of the Holy Spirit's role in our Church. He is the guardian of the faith. He is in charge but we've all become little popes because obviously the Holy Spirit can't handle it. Bloggers would have experienced major palpitations of the heart  if blogging had been around in the first three or four hundred years of the Church's history with all the heresies coming out of the woodwork, whole sections of the Church falling into heresy for years before being reined in again by, you guessed it, the Church in Rome.

We can nitpick all we want when it comes to the two newest saints that the Church has given us. It doesn't matter. There is a reason for everything including declaring JPII and JXXIII as saints. Why did their enrollment in sainthood seem fast tracked? I don't know! Ask the Holy Spirit! As I said, He's in charge.

I do know this. It isn't just our two new Saints that seem to have been on the fast track. Look around you. Look at society and the world. It seems that the whole world has been on a fast track for the last 10 or 20 years. Fast track to no-where. Things in this world are moving fast and not for the better. A la Ross Perot, there is a giant sucking sound in this world and it seems as if all morality and anything holy is being sucked out of the world and fast. Real fast. It may seem as if God has left us to our own evil devices today and that he flew the coop. Never fear. He didn't. He's just giving us a bit more free rein to discover that we cannot do this alone and if we don't see that yet we will. If we continue along this road then we will see a world that resembles hell itself. You can bank on that. Smell the sulfur yet?

Fast tracking saints? Good. Fast track two more very soon, for this world and our Church really could use an army of them right about now. 

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