Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christianophobes: Herod's Modern Offspring

Though Herod the Great died 2000 years ago, his fear of the Christ may in fact be the first recorded case of Christianophobia, or Christophobia to be exact.. His fear drove him to massacre all the children two years of age and under in Bethlehem, hoping that the new born "King of the Jews" was among the victims. Herod was afraid that his throne would be usurped by this new king, ending his murderous reign and the status quo he enjoyed.

Today, Christ is being attacked again, however, not by Herod the Great this time, but by his offspring: today's Christianophobes. Christianophobia, or the irrational fear of  Christ and Christianity is very real and very dangerous. The Vatican takes this threat very seriously and has engaged the U.N. in condemning Christianophobia,  here , along with Antisemitism and Islamophobia. So, what do Christianophobes fear from Christians? Like Herod, they fear the loss of power and their status quo. They fear the message of Christianity and its attempts to thwart their agenda to oust God from society and replacing Him with secularism. 

Christianophobe's main target and enemy is the Catholic Church. I find it ironic that anti-catholic Christianophobes target the Church since they claim the Church is irrelevant, backwards, an evil institution that protects pedophiles, anti-women, hateful and has no hold on being the moral voice in the world considering her history. If their claims are true, then why give the Church so much attention? Why is their hatred and attention so focused on her instead of letting her fade away into the dustbins of insignificance, ignoring her, and just go on their merry way? 

If the Catholic Church is so insignificant and has no moral power over individuals as Christianophobes claim, why is it so important for them to insist that the Church change her teachings on social issues such as contraception, abortion, active homosexuality and euthanasia? The answer lies in this dirty little secret; Christianophobes may say otherwise, but they know in their hearts that the Catholic Church is the moral voice in the world and she teaches with authority: an authority they hate for it interferes with their sinful lifestyles. They need her to justify their lifestyles and to give them legitimacy in the eyes of the world. They know that those that adhere to Church teachings on these social issues need to be swayed away from the faith, so in striking the shepherd (the Church), they hope to scatter the sheep. To the Christianophobe, the Church is a visible and loud reminder of what their conscience is accusing them of doing. The Church needs to be silenced.

The U.N., governments and the mainstream media are rife with Christianophobes. Though they do not directly follow their father, King Herod, and go out and murder Christians, they are indirectly complicit in the killing of Christians in many parts of the world, particularly in the middle east, when they turn a blind eye to these atrocities when they fail to report what is happening through mainstream media outlets here, and if they do report a massacre, they rarely mention that the victims were Christians and that many times the murderers were Islamic Radicals. The U.N. and governments are also indirectly responsible when they refuse to even acknowledge that it is open season on Christians and again, refuse to afford them legal protection as they do for Islam and the Jews.

Content in letting others soil their hands with the blood of Christians, Christianophobes seek other means to restrict Christians from expressing their faith. Through legislative means, Christianophobes have given special rights to homosexuals based purely on their sexual preferences, and  speaking out against homosexuality could be construed as discrimination and hate speech with the risk of being prosecuted by law. This type of legislation seriously restricts the freedom of religion if ones faith professes active homosexuality as sinful, which traditional Christianity does. here

Like the ancient Herodians who allied with the Pharisees to trap Jesus in the question about paying the tribute to Caesar, hoping to charge him with sedition, today's new Herodians, the Christianophobes, have set their own traps against Christians and the Catholic Church by trying to restrict the gospel message to the point of making it against the law to witness about ones own faith if that witness is considered hateful or discriminatory. In this country, the protection of the conscientious objection by nurses or doctors of the Christian faith who refuse to participate in abortions, or pharmacists that do not dispense contraceptive drugs or the morning after pill is slowly being dissolved through laws. 

Unable (yet) to dismantle our freedom of religion, Christianophobes have begun a pogrom of hamstringing the Christian's public witness here through legislative action and relegating them to the private sphere of their homes to silence them. Christianophobe judges have interpreted the U.S.Constitution in ways to find 'rights' for special groups ("Look Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!") to aid and abet Christianophobic institutions such as the ACLU to prosecute anything and everything Christian that even resembles a violation of church and state.

Christianophobes however, are ignorant of history. The Church has had her share of  enemies for two thousand years and she has witnessed the death and burial of all of them while she continues to exist. It will be no different for her enemies in our time. The Church cannot but continue to witness about Christ, for that is her mission on earth. As a sovereign state, the Vatican has been given an official voice at the U.N., and through this international body she has defended life of the unborn, the poor, the marriage of a man and woman as the foundation of civilization, spoken against homosexuality and unjust wars. There are many Christianophobes at the U.N. that would be happy to see the Vatican's membership in the U.N. withdrawn, for her voice is powerful and influential against secularism even though it cannot cast a vote. 

I wonder at times if Christianophobes have thought through their agenda. If one day they are indeed successful in silencing the Catholic Church and the other Christian churches, it may also be the day that Christ proclaims from heaven, "Mission accomplished! Let the judgement begin for those that followed me and those that rejected me."  Perhaps Christianophobes should be more careful for what they wish.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catholics Dire Need For Courage

As Catholics, we live in very interesting times. The first time I read the scripture passage where our Lord asked whether the Son of Man would find any faith left on earth upon his return, I thought at the time that things would have to be real bad for so much faith to be lost. Well, it is real bad and a lot of people, Catholics, as well as many non-Catholic Christians have now lost their faith.

In the early Church, to be Christian meant risking martyrdom at the hands of pagan Rome. Even within the Jewish community we see Saul(St. Paul) rooting out the adherents to "The Way" to persecute and execute them. By the time St. John the Evangelist died around 100AD, the Church was already on her fifth pope and all had succumbed to martyrdom. To be pope meant dying for the Faith and this would continue for years to come. Indeed, to be a Catholic in the early Church took courage for one to keep his or her faith in the face of being killed for that faith. It wasn't until after the Edict of Milan during the 4th century, which protected all faiths from persecutions, did things ease up considerably for Catholics.

Today, we have come full circle as we see more and more persecutions against Christians happening all over the world. It is estimated that the last century saw the deaths of more Christians in many parts of the world than at any other time in first two thousand years of Church history. Though western, industrialized nations with democratic governments tend to be less aggressive towards Christians, it is increasingly apparent that there is a strong renewal of  persecution being conducted toward Christians and Catholics in particular by secular society. Pope Benedict was right when he said that the greatest threat to Christian life today was from secularism; the squeezing out of God from our society. As opposed to being killed for your faith through martyrdom, which is very real, very in your face physical suffering and immediately recognized, secularism has a subtly that masks and insinuates itself into society to the point that many do not realize that it is happening until it hits them. They now find themselves in a Godless society that promotes the state as the new deity that dictates what the new truths are.

The virtue of Christian courage to live in our world today and face its onslaughts, while holding on to the faith, is an absolute necessity today, and I daresay, probably more so than in the past. In the United States, we do not have the immediate concern for the physical safety of Catholics, as many Catholics in third world nations do, but we are subjected to insidious attacks on reason, our emotions, our consciences,  and our ability to discern what is the 'truth' concerning morality, and our choosing between right and wrong, and it is done through deception.

The truth of abortion, active homosexuality, euthanasia, contraception etc.,  has been successfully blurred by those opposing Church teachings on these social ills. Many Catholics have fallen by the wayside thinking that these sins do not affect them, so live and let live they say and they remain silent for fear of appearing closed minded and being accused of pushing their beliefs on others. When we do stand up to voice our objections to these sins, we are called intolerant and hateful. It takes tremendous courage to stand up to these lies and face the hatred that is cast upon us. You see this happening to pro-lifers praying outside abortion clinics as vile and hateful words are hurled at them, yet those praying continue to defend the unborn, knowing that they are on the side of Truth. That takes courage.

It takes courage today to speak out against homosexuality because so many faithful have fallen for the lies spouted by the gay community and those that support it. The homosexual agenda has been successfully inserted into our nations consciousness, slowly but surely, over the years through television and movies to the point that many see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage or adoptions by same-sex couples. Speaking against  homosexuality brands you a homophobe, a hater of the highest degree. To speak against homosexuality makes you a hated target. Defending the truth of Catholic teaching against homosexual acts today takes a heavy dose of the virtue of courage

Today, contraception is so prevalent among our population, that teaching against the use of contraception makes us the laughing stock of many. We are told that we are out of touch with reality and we have a medieval mindset. Try explaining and defending Humanae Vitae and watch the incredulous looks you get from others. I get the same looks when I tell people I have five children. Five? In today's world? That's ridiculous and irresponsible on my part as far as many that are taken in by the lies are concerned. If you want to be laughed at even more, then defend marriage as a union between a man and woman, and criticize co-habitation between unmarried couples. That should get you a guffaw or two. Courage is needed once again to continue to defend the truth of marriage and the gift of sexuality that God gave to us.

The abuse by some clergy has been an effective weapon against our Faith. We are ridiculed for defending good priests and bishops while condemning the actions of those that have abused children. We know our Church is a Church of sinners and that our sins reflect badly upon her. It takes so much courage to say yes, I know how bad members of our Church can be, but I will remain in her despite what has happened for the Truth still resides in her.

To be Catholic today is no easy task to undertake. It is indeed a "pick up your cross and follow me" endeavor. The godless use pretty words to mask their real intentions and blur the lines of truth. Deceptive arguments  and the redefinition of words to sway the weak of faith has worked very well for them, enough to place doubt in the minds of many of whether the Church is up to snuff and not behind the times.

Courage, the virtue to stand up against the lies of the godless and stand fast in your faith while defending it in the face of the evil that surrounds us is a necessity. We care too much of what others think of us instead of standing up and defending our faith. We cannot keep our faith in the private realm of our homes as society is now asking us to do. We are called to "go out and teach all nations" and that cannot be done if we are left to practice our faith alone, in our own rooms with the door shut. That is our duty, our responsibility as Catholics. To stand up and defend our Faith is to make ourselves a target of ridicule and hate. The only way to do this in today's world is through the use of courage. Pray for this virtue. Exercise it everyday and become stronger in your Faith. I promise you, you'll need it in the days and years to come as things will get much worse before they get better.

The Ordinary Catholic

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday we planned a dinner for my son, his girlfriend and her two children. As always the house is never up to par when company is to come and a quick 'pick-up' of the house brings about its own crisis. So yesterday, being 9/11, I spent the morning after coming home from the 7:30 Mass, picking up, cleaning, getting the food ready to cook and...watching the ten year old documentaries and live footage of that fateful day in NYC.

Of course, the homily at Mass coincided with the Gospel reading of forgiveness, and much was said about the terror of 9/11 and the perpetrators of that terror, and how forgiveness for a Christian is the only option. True enough. We are indeed called to forgive our enemies. This makes us Christians odd ducks in the world. How does one forgive the handful of men that murdered over three thousand innocent lives in those towers? How do we, as Christians, explain this forgiveness to others that do not follow the teachings of Christ? More than one person told me in the weeks that followed the attack that they could not forgive such actions. Understandable. It is impossible to do...on our own and without His grace.

I can usually forgive someone of something they've done or said to me easily enough when it's not a big offense, but the bigger the offense, the harder forgiveness is in coming, though it does come eventually.
So, have I forgiven those that committed that act of terror? I have, yes, and from the heart, but! I have not forgotten what they did. How can I? We have been given memories and to try to forget something as terrible as 9/11 is not very easy nor very probable. What I mustn't do is dwell on those memories when they come to me, as they did yesterday watching the replay of that day. I didn't feel any bitterness yesterday or hatred for that matter, but the memories came back vividly, and I do not think there is anything wrong with that.

We've been told to forgive and forget. That's a load of bull. Yes, I can forgive and have forgiven 9/11 with His grace for my strength, but I cannot forget, nor do I want to. When we forgive someone that has cheated us for example, we may forgive them, but we now have to be wary of them because of what they've done; that we do not get cheated again. That's being practical. Just because we forgive someone doesn't mean they are now on the straight and narrow for all time and we can let our guard down. Yes we we've forgiven them, but now that trust has to be built up again and that takes time.

What I will not forget about 9/11 is who did this: Islamic fundamentalists. They have stated over and over again that we are the enemy, the infidel, and Islam will one day conquer this world. This faction of Islam has said it will not rest until all it's enemies are put to death or have converted to Islam. The western culture and Christianity in particular are considered the enemies of Islam. Yes, I have forgiven these men for what they have done, but I also know and remember what they continue to espouse; death to all that do not succumb to Islam and they have been true to their word. Since 9/11, over 17,000 separate acts of terrorism have been committed against not only military personal, but against the innocent men, women and children worldwide, that did not deserve to be murdered, but whose deaths were to serve as an example to all of us that will not accept Islam.

No, I will not accept Islam as the true Faith. I have one, true faith already and it is the Catholic Church. Will I forgive these people? I already have. Will I now forget? Not on your life, nor mine.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sacrament of Confession

Imagine. You go to a farm or stockyard, buy a lamb or young goat, perhaps you can find a pair of doves and you bring them to the priest and he sets them up on the alter in order to sacrifice your offering to God. Uttering lamentations, he offers this sacrifice with the hope that your sins and those of your family are forgiven by God. You hope that God is pleased with your sacrifice. Yes, hope. You aren't sure. You know you deserve death because it is written in the law. You hope this sacrifice will be accepted in atonement for your sins, but will it be enough?

The sin of Adam placed mankind in a state of spiritual slavery. Yes we sacrificed and repented, atoned for our sins and lived our lives to the best of our ability, yet never able to shed the yoke of sin because nothing man could do could heal the rift between himself and God. Man, in his sinful state could not offer anything to God that had any worth in order reinstate himself in God's graces. I cannot imagine the despair some must have felt in not knowing whether they were forgiven and in God's good graces as they approached their final days on this earth. Left alone, in his fallen state, man was not 'worthy' to dwell in His house. Enter Love.

Love? What else can we call it, when the Creator of heaven and earth decides to place himself a 'little lower than the angels' and become one of us, a human being. This says more about God's love for us than anything He could have said. He deemed us lovable enough to place His own son on the alter in order to save us and glorify Himself. Sin deserved death, a death that would clean the slate so to speak and place man in a state of grace. Christ offered himself in our stead as the sacrifice to break the bonds of sin man placed on himself.

So, if Christ died for us and rose in glory, what happens when man, through weakness, thoughtlessness falls again?? Does God send another Messiah to die for us? No. And that my friends is the beauty of His plan. A plan so full of love, so merciful, that not one of us needs to be a slave to his own sinfulness as was the case before He came to us and redeemed us.

We are called to be reborn. To change our ways through repentance of our sins and sinful lifestyle and live in the manner that Christ showed us. Loving each other and forgiving each other at all times for His glory. And we are reborn, through our baptism. Yet, knowing man's weakness and penchant for sinfulness while striving to live a Christian life, He gave us a gift that would forever change our lives, if we accept it.

The Sacrament of Confession(Reconciliation) is a gift that speaks volumes of God's love for us. Through this gift we have been given a chance to seek His forgiveness and to be reassured that, indeed, we have been forgiven. Does that mean we can continue our sinfulness unabated and without repentance, and confess our sins thereafter only to sin again knowing we will be forgiven? Only a fool would think that. Why would we want to confess our sins only to willfully want to continue to sin? What's the point? That makes no sense. A true repentant, a Christian, knowing his weakness and failings, approaches this Sacrament with full repentance, admission of guilt and with the promise, that to the best of his ability and with God's grace, to avoid sin and occasions of sin. That person is forgiven. Coming to confession with the desire to sin again is ludicrous. There is NO confession in this case, or forgiveness for that matter.

So, what does God require of us? A true repentance. An honest and true desire to reform our lives with the help of His grace. A true admission of our sins with nothing held back, no matter how shameful or humbling this admission may be. Lastly, a true desire to live a holy life modeled after Jesus. I personally do not find this sacrament easy to practice. As a matter of fact I dread the reception of this sacrament, yet, at regular intervals I go to confession. Why? Because I refuse to let my fear of humiliation and shame for my sins keep me from staying in a state of Grace and from God's love, and the feeling of freedom of having my sins forgiven is beyond words.

We are admonished to 'not abide in sin'. Of course. Abiding in sin is living a life in habitual sin with no desire to repent. So does that mean if we fall into sin we are not true Christians? No, not at all. Yes, do 'not abide in sin' but, as we read else where, 'if you do sin' we have recourse to God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. If we believe we no longer commit sin, then we have no idea what sin is or have not examined our consciences thoroughly. Worse, we have fooled ourselves into thinking we no longer need His forgiveness. At this point the soul is in grave danger. When the apostles asked Christ how to pray he gave us what we call the Lord's Prayer. In that prayer not only do we ask for our 'daily bread' but also to forgive US the way we forgive others. Obviously this prayer was given to us to be said daily. That means in some manner, we probably have sinned during our day otherwise we would not have been told to pray for forgiveness daily.

The sacrament of Confession was given to us to be used by those of us wanting to live a holy life. The grace received through this sacrament far out weighs any sin we may have committed. This grace lifts us up. Makes us stronger to avoid temptation and sin. After receiving the sacrament we do not have to 'begin again'. The sin has been totally eradicated and we are now in the same state of grace that we were in before having committed this sin. . So you see, 'all have fallen short' but ALL have been given the gift of forgiveness if we make use of it. No longer slave to sin, no longer 'stuck' and waiting to be saved. We have been redeemed. We have been paid for by His Blood. Now, let us present our 'coupons of redemption' and receive this gift. The Sacrament of Love.

Praise and Pride

I wrote this little essay a few years back and thought it time to review it again...

Remember the Gospel story about the apostles discussing among themselves who was the greatest? When asked by Christ what they were discussing they fell silent. Why? Because they somehow knew this whole idea about being the greatest was not inline with what the Master was teaching them to be, servants of others. They were ashamed to tell him of their discussion, so they had to know.

I have a problem with pride. Big time. I dread the thought that I may be prideful, that I think I'm better than others, that others are below me. I fear the sin of pride so much that I cannot take praise gracefully. Am I prideful? No doubt, and it would probably be very easy for those that know me to point that out. I can point it out in myself!

I've been told that I am good at certain things, that I have talents and skills I should be proud of. Eeeeek!! No! That is the whole point! I do not WANT to be proud of my accomplishments!! Not that my skills and talents are evil, no not at all, since overall they are good and beneficial to myself and others. So what's the problem with receiving praise from others? Because I know myself.

I have played a musical instrument since I was ten and I am good at it. I'm not deaf. I've heard myself on recordings and yes, I can play well, but, at the same time I know that somewhere, someone is better than I am. Much better than I am. I have never and will never extol my playing by saying I'm so good, so much better than anyone else because in my years of playing and associating with others that play, I know there are those that can put me to shame. It's a long way down when you build yourself up higher than you should. I've seen that happen to others, the so-called "best" in different areas, that have plummeted down to earth faster than a speeding bullet. But that is not my fear, this falling before the world. It is the fear of calling something as my own, to what rightfully belongs to someone else: God. That scares the hel...umm heck out of me.

My head swells too easily from praise. I know it does for I constantly keep battering it down to size . I know where my so-called talents and skills come from, where these gifts come from and they do not come from my own initiative, not at all. They come from God. Whenever we are endowed with certain attributes that help our neighbor and ourselves and support the respect and dignity of a human being, those are gifts from God. When we exercise those gifts and share them with our neighbors to benefit them, then we are doing what is asked of us. To be servants of others.

I for one, have no qualms about praising someone else for doing a good job at something. I like telling that to someone that truly has a talent or skill and I can see how pleased they are that someone noticed. And they should be. There is nothing wrong with giving or accepting praise for doing something good, especially for another, especially for doing something simply because it is the right thing to do. Christ Himself praised what the poor old woman at the temple did, to those around him. She gave of her want to pay the temple tax. She gave her all, while everyone else paid from their excess. We all know how a child reacts to praise. They smile and have a good feeling about themselves for having done something well and that someone else took the time to let them know. That is not pride. It is knowing that you used your talents and skills in a manner that was good. We did something that pleased another in a good way. When we do that, it makes us feel good also, that we did not pervert the gift given to us, though we may not consciously think about in this way.

But at the same time, we all know when we do what is right and what is good. We just know. We know because we were made in the image and likeness of God and God is the source of all goodness which means that we have the potential and duty to do what is good, but only because it was instilled in us by Him. Just as we know when we do something wrong because it goes against the truth that God revealed to us, we know when we do something right and where the strength, skill and talent that made it possible came from. If we keep in mind this source, God, where all good skills and talents and goodness comes from, and we give Him the praise and thanks for the gifts we have, then we should not have to worry about pride.

I have gone to the other extreme. In being praised for doing something good, I pooh pooh it. I downplay what I've done as unimportant and just as quickly I try to point out all the mistakes I've made in trying to do this 'good' thing. I am wrong in doing this. Very wrong, for if indeed my skills and talents come from God, what am I doing then? I'm dismissing His gifts. I'm saying His gifts to me are not worth anything. I'm not giving Him the credit for my having been given what it takes to do good. Though not always apparent, it is a false modesty. In a sense, it is also pride...no not the good kind. I need to differentiate these two 'prides'. Satan is tricky. He can and does confound me when it comes to pride. I can and should take praise for doing something good and right when someone notices by saying thank you, and at the same time giving praise and glory to Him who gave me the strength and skill to do this good thing. I need to recognize that I do not have to fear being "puffed" up if I do what is correct and good for the right reason...but on the other hand, I better be able to recognize when my own ego tries to push Him aside. And if I do not see this in myself, then I'm sure someone else will recognize it for me. A prideful braggart is always easily recognized.

The One and Only Issue For Me In 2012

I'm primarily a one issue voter. There, I said it. I don't care if others think it narrow minded, lacking scope of reality or fanaticism but I am pro-life and that is the main issue for me. What qualifies a political candidate that runs for office, is their stand on pro-life issues as far as I'm concerned. That is the first and foremost issue that will determine for whom I vote, and the rest of the issues on the list, though important are not as important. Do I have a love affair with the fetus as some have called it? OK... if that is what floats your boat, go for it,  but I prefer to call it a love for human life. Notice when people in general who push for abortion rights talk about abortion, they talk about the fetus? But if the woman decides to keep the fetus, then every time they talk about the pregnancy, that little bundle of joy is now called a baby; Same so-called 'mass of tissue', but one is a fetus(impersonal) and the other a baby(very human and personal). Deception.

Now, we have been pummeled by the social engineers in this country with talk about social justice, how we need to make sure ALL people are not forgotten and get a fair shake. That's agreeable enough. Much is also made of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness declared in our founding documents. These are rights for all of us to enjoy but, I have one little question to ask of the pro-abortion proponents in this country concerning these rights, or social justice if  you will.

If the left's idea of social justice for our society includes our right to equality, to be fed, housed, clothed, protected and everything else that is considered the basic necessities of human life, and along with these basic necessities, liberty, the right to live our lives as best as we can without interference from the government, and lastly, the right to pursue happiness, also as best as we can, defined by our individual idea of what happiness is, then my question is this: How can one enjoy social justice and benefit from it if one is not allowed to be born, to come to life outside the womb?  The right to Life. Remember our rights as documented;  the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot have the latter two without the former: Life.

This is where the difference between secular social justice and Catholic social justice is glaring. The Church's stance on social justice includes all individuals, the unborn and the elderly alike and everyone else in between. Not so with the social engineers, for to them these rights are only afforded to the ones that they deem valuable enough to warrant those rights. No longer is a person's value determined by being created in the image of God, but who a certain group of people, through their own self-possessed righteousness, determines is worth saving. That is pride and arrogance par excellence.

I may have a love affair with the unborn in particular, but it is tempered by my respect for all human life no matter at what stage of development, be it unborn, toddler, adolescent, young adult, adult or the elderly. It is also tempered by my upholding of their human dignity as created images of God, and not some commodity to be swept away in a moment of convenience. Much is made of being created 'equal' by the left, but their very action in determining who lives and who dies tells me that they consider themselves above the rest of us, not equal. They speaketh with forked tongue.

President Obama let the cat out of the bag a few years back of what abortion actually does when speaking about a woman making a decision to abort.  He said, and I paraphrase, "For a woman, it is truly a heart wrenching decision to make..." Now I ask you this; If the unborn is only a mass of tissue as we are constantly told by the pro-abortionists, then why is it is so heart wrenching? Why is it anymore heart wrenching than say, making a decision to have your tonsils removed or your appendix if it is only a mass of tissue? There is only one answer and it is this. We, as created images of God KNOW what it is that an abortion kills, and no amount of lying, deceiving or closing our eyes will ever change that knowledge. We are killing ourselves into oblivion.

The left call it reproductive rights and a safety issue for women and believe legal abortion ensures those rights and the safety of women. Not so. More than enough evidence has now come through from medical science that there is a direct link between women who have had abortions and a dramatic rise in breast cancer. Now, from the U.K. there has been issued another medical report indicating that abortions may be the cause of more than 10% of the mental illness that strike women who have had these abortions. Social justice? Not at all.

This country made a tragic mistake in electing our current President. His views on the unborn are abominable and were well known when he was elected as the "Chosen One", yet elected he was. The stench of death that permeates this current presidency is overwhelming and is enough to make one wretch from total disgust. Hiding behind the call for "social justice" and "reproductive rights", a systematic approach to the killing of a whole segment of society has grown with such a fervent urgency, that it has left in it's wake, a morally corrupt national soul that is almost completely devoid of the life giving grace of God.

We mustn't view the current financial woes of this country, the corruption we see in Washington or the prevalence of killing unborn children as the workings of a few misguided individuals that occupy positions of power. We, collectively, as American citizens, are in a position of power also; a position that affords us the power to elect an individual that respects all of us, including the unborn child that had the protection of this country for the first two hundred years before Roe v. Wade. We as Americans have miserably failed in protecting our babies in the course of the last thirty or more years. We have turned our eyes away from good and holy things and stare straight into the eyes of evil without flinching as we continue to cast our votes for pro-abortion candidates.

There is very little that I can tangibly do to turn this monstrosity around other than praying to God for mercy on this country and casting a vote for a pro-life candidate.  My concern for true social justice as defined by the Church will always prompt me to vote pro-life. There is no other alternative. Even if a candidate promises to do away with all income taxes and lets us keep all we earn but is a pro-abortion candidate, I will not vote for him or her. I cannot in good conscience vote to fatten my wallet at the expense of an innocent life. I for one will vote and continue to vote pro-life. That is the one and only issue that will promote true social justice for this country and it will go a long way in getting our country back on track with God.