Friday, December 30, 2011

There Is Nothing Gay About Homosexuality

If there was ever an oxymoron it would have to be with the use of the word "gay" when used by those espousing homosexuality. There is nothing within the lifestyle of active homosexuality that is gay, or happy if you will. It is perhaps one of the most riskiest and unhealthy of lifestyles and certainly one of the saddest. At the outset, it must be said that there is no conclusive evidence or proof that people who have a same sex attraction are born with it, nor is there any conclusive evidence of what is the cause of this attraction.

What is so gay about living a life that revolves around your sexuality? Since when is proclaiming your sexual preference a cause to hold "Pride" parades? I've heard people in the course of normal conversation say they're gay. Why would they say that and out of the blue? What is that to me or anyone else? Why would I go around telling others out of hand that I'm a heterosexual? I don't identify myself with some bodily function, but as a man. A human being. Normally, what people people identify themselves as is what they feel is the most important about themselves. If ones world revolves around ones gonads there is a serious problem.

If you doubt that militant homosexuals do not identify themselves by their sexuality, go to a gay pride parade, where the participants expose themselves to the bystanders, dress in a manner that places emphasis on their private parts and at times, even commit a sexual act in public or pretend to have sex. It's there for all to see if you have the stomach for it.  Several years ago, homosexuals barged into a Catholic church and threw condoms at the celebrant who I believe was a bishop. This is not being gay but angry. 

There was a time, not long ago, when we were told that homosexuals wanted to be left alone to live their lives in peace as they saw fit. Yet that is not the case. California experienced this lack of peaceful demonstration from homosexuals when they voted against gay marriage. The Mormon and Catholic Church experienced how 'peaceful' homosexuals were as their churches were vandalized and horrid threats were voiced against them for opposing same sex marriage. So gay.

Stacey Trancencos over at was also a recipient of the anger and hatred of homosexuals because of a posting on her blog a few months back. Her children were threatened with rape in the comments section of the blog following her post. Nice eh? The homosexual hate and anger for those that do not accept homosexuality as normal is thick and frightening.

What is so gay about contracting a disease from unnatural sexual acts between two men?? A disease that kills and has no cure? Why is abstaining from sex not an option, when ones life is in the balance and abstinence would go a long way in stopping this disease in its tracks? What is so gay about having a string of anonymous sexual encounters, sometimes over a hundred of them, and for what? Sharing anger? Using others repeatedly for ones own pleasure? This is nothing but selfishness and hate for another human being. This is not a cause to be gay.

NAMBLA is an organization of men wanting to have sex with very young underage boys. They have a website and they advertise their intents and teach its members how to entice young innocent boys for no other reason than to have sex with them. This is sex between young underage boys and men. This is a cause to be gay? Is this a reason for us to accept homosexuality as a good and normal thing? Think again. 

This whole notion that active homosexuality is normal, with its participants gay or happy and they just want to be left alone is a lie. It has always been a lie and will always be a lie. They are on the march to force everyone to accept homosexuality as a good and normal lifestyle. They employ hate and intolerance towards anyone that does not agree with them and will use violence as a means to achieve their end. 

There is no "gayness" in being gay, but there is plenty of rage. Rage stemming from guilt of what they do, but directed towards others that will not accept what they do as good and normal. Like us, they are sinners with a weakened nature because of the fall of Adam, yet instead of acknowledging this weakness and trying to rise above it with the grace of God, they display their weakness as if a badge of honor and fail miserably, falling deeper in their misery. The high rate of suicides among homosexuals is telling of this misery. There is nothing gay about suicide. 

I am angry also. I am angry with the repeated attempts by militant gays to coerce me into accepting homosexuality as normal and good. I am angry with the attempts by militant homosexuals  to try to induce young children into the perversity of homosexual sins while the rest of the world  is clamoring for a cure for AIDS. A disease that kills. Why introduce children into a world that consists of misery and anger? Why would anyone risk the life of a child in this manner unless it stems from hate? 

There are those who have same sex attractions who live celibate lives. Many are Christian and know that sex outside a marriage, a marriage that can only consist of a man and woman, is sinful. They live with their attraction to the same sex as best as possible. We all have weaknesses and we are all called to live our lives with these weaknesses as best as we can. There is no pride in falling into sin. There is nothing gay or happy about living a sinful life for any of us. There are no 'pride' parades for liars, cheats, thieves, murderers or adulterers and for good reason. There is nothing gay about sin, nor is sin anything of which to be proud. 

*Comments are closed for this article. I will not subject my readers or myself to vile, personal attacks that will invariably come as shown in other articles of this nature that have been posted by others in the blogosphere. Thank you. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Day The Lord Sat In Our Kitchen

I remember that morning as if it was yesterday. My brothers, sister and I were up early as usual since it was summer vacation and we didn't want to miss one minute of being out of school, but today we were up early for another reason. We were all in the kitchen with Maman and Papa. This particular morning was difficult for all of us, for we didn't know what was going to happen. You see, the afternoon prior, my Papa came home from the foundry as usual except he got out of the car very slowly, grimacing and slowly limped to the front door. He told us after settling into his chair in the kitchen, that a piece of cast iron he had been carrying slipped from his hands and crushed his toes on the right foot. He said it had happened around two o'clock in the afternoon, yet he had continued to work through the rest of the day.

We watched Maman that morning on her knees before my Papa, who had been getting ready for work, slowly and as gently as possible, place an old, stretched out woolen sock over his swollen foot. We saw his face. We saw Maman's face. I remember taking the breath I had forgotten to take earlier when I had seen his foot exposed for the first time. It was an ugly red and blue mass of what should have been a foot.

There was no extra money for anything in those days, especially for a doctor, so visiting his office wasn't even taken into consideration. No, going to work was his only thought. Maman then picked up the other sock and with the same gentle touch, she placed it over the other one she had just put on his foot. I had never seen my Papa's face like that. None of us had.

Waiting for him to take a breath, Maman then told my older sister to go and get the pair of galoshes that were kept in the closet, and bringing them to her, Maman took the right one and stretched it out with her hands as much as possible, struggling against the resistant rubber until my father touched her hand and took it from her. His strong arms stretched it as much as they could until he could no longer do it and gave it back to her.

On her knees again and pained with the image of my Papa's face, she slowly began to slide it over the woolen socks. It was so hard and painful for him and she felt every wince and grunt from this man, her husband, who allowed her to do this for him. There was no way he could have done this on his own. He didn't have too. She was there.

Finally, after she was done, my brothers, sister and I all lined up as we always did for bedtime or for when Papa went to work and took our turns to kiss him on the cheek. Picking up his lunch box he limped out to the car and got in without another word. We all stayed in the kitchen and watched Maman, with her left arm around her middle hugging herself and holding up the elbow of the hand that had swept the curtain to one side of the door window..

Maman watched as Papa drove away to work, like any normal day only it was not normal. Maman was biting her lower lip and I remember thinking that she only did that when she was really worried about something. I was to young to know how worrisome this day was for her. She continued to stare intently out the window until Papa's car was out of sight and then turned to us again and resumed being the mother that she was after her role of being the wife and fed us breakfast.

For three days Papa went to work like that until the swelling in his foot had subsided enough to put on his right work boot again. He never missed a beat, never missed day: always food on the table and a roof over his children's and wife's head.

It wasn't until years later, after getting married and having my own children and working to support my family did I understand what my father did for us that day. I look back and I see Jesus sitting in that chair, taking the pain for His children so they could live...doing what he did best...loving his family.

A couple of years ago, I reached the same age my father was when he died. I have yet to become a fraction of the man and father to my children that Papa was to us.

Vous etes souvent dans mes pensee Papa, et toujours dans mon coeur...

Merci mon Papa, Adieu
Votre petit

Thursday, December 15, 2011

King David for President

Listening to comments that are coming from people about the current field of Republican candidates, I have to wonder what it is they are looking for in a person they want as president. Every candidate is nitpicked for every little thing that may seem out of sorts or outlandish, yet people seemingly ignore the core message that these candidates espouse. Too many of us are looking for perfection in a candidate and because of this,  we are going to be sorely disappointed. As Catholics and Christians we should know better. No one is perfect. We all have our deficiencies in thought, word and deed. If King David were to run for president as a Republican, how he would fare? Not so good I'm afraid, for even he, though much loved by God, was not perfect. I'm sure the names Bathsheba and Uriah would be dredged up for scrutiny. 

I would find it intimidating to even consider running for a political office in our current society. Every aspect of your life would be considered fair game, even those little secrets that you harbor from long ago. There is no forgiveness of anything past or present that you may have said or done, and especially about what many predict will be your future and the future of this country should you be elected because of something that occurred decades earlier, even if you fully recanted and rejected your previous stance on an issue in your current maturity, but no matter. You said it, you did it, and it will be reported by the mainstream media, and usually in the most unfavorable light that they can conceive of shining on you.  Or, if you are lucky, the msm will ignore all your past transgressions if they agree with your agenda and they want you elected.

Currently, we have several GOP candidates vying for the office of the President. Each candidate has his or her good points and most have some baggage ( bad or dubious in some respect) as we all do, that they carry with them. Like the TSA, the msm continues to rifle through their baggage looking for contraband to use against the candidate du jour, be it Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain or Rick Perry. All the Republican candidates that surged to the top of the heap and had a conservative agenda have been viciously attacked by the media and fell. Sarah Palin, though not a candidate for president, was politically and personally decimated a long time ago by the left and the msm. Even her children were not immune. Newt Gingrich has now crept up near the top and again, the msm wants this guy down. Hence the attacks. If you want to know what candidate the left and msm fears the most and sees as a threat that may take Obama out of office, just look at which candidate they viciously attack. 

To date, Obama has been spared such 'vetting' by the media, and I suspect it will once again spare him during the upcoming election in 2012. It was this lack of vetting by the msm that that I believe got him elected. Those of us that did not have our head in the sand during the last general election knew what Obama's agenda and vision for our country was going to be. It was all there to see if you were willing to open your eyes and do a little bit of research. You had to look beyond the mainstream media for information and very few of us did that. Those that turned to the msm for their information, heard all good things about this up and coming star. Nothing bad was ever reported. So, what was there not to like? He was perfect. He got elected.

What was it that this nation voted into office? For whatever reason, this nation elected the most pro-abortion president in US history. He has systematically pushed the gay agenda into all reaches of society. He has brought the country on the brink of bankruptcy. He and his administration is currently trying to restrict our rights to freely exercise our religion and faith by restricting our freedom of speech. He is trying to do away with any and all 'conscience clauses' that would protect health workers who refuse to help a woman in procuring an abortion. He has fomented envy among the citizens by painting all rich people as the 'enemy' and the list goes on and on...

As imperfect as the list of Republican candidates is, anyone of them would be infinitely be better than what we have presently. Look and listen to what they have to say, and then listen at what Obama has said and then look at what he has done to this country. There is no comparison. The Republican in the running that has the least respect for our Constitution, has more respect for it than this president has: a hundred fold. Make no mistake: If we are waiting for the perfect candidate that is bullet proof to the msm and to defeat Obama in 2012, then we will not find him or her and the President will once again be elected.

It is not the msm that picks and chooses who runs against the President, though they will try if we let them as we did three years ago. There is a clear cut line between the Republican field of candidates and Obama. We will continue down our destructive slope, morally and culturally if we allow Obama another term, or God willing, we can attempt to minimize the damage done by electing a candidate that respects all human life, our rights as given to us by our Creator and a return to a land that respects our Constitution.

You and I are not perfect and to seek perfection in another person is grossly unfair and unjust. We simply need to look at what we have,  in what direction this country has been going and what both camps have to offer. No candidate will be a savior for this country, not even Obama as many thought he would be. If we refuse to vote for lack of a perfect candidate, then we as a country have lost, and deserve what we get for the next four years. We need another King David, as imperfect as he was.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day Job

Just to let you all know, the last few weeks have been hectic for me. We've had a major influx of new contracts where I work and I've been working 12 hour shifts of 4am to 4pm. Between getting up at an hour that is just ew and by the time I get home, I'm gone almost 14 out of 24 hours. That doesn't leave much time to write for my blog. Have patience with me. My responsibilities at church, home and work come first but I have not forgotten this blog. I am thankful however to have all this work while so many are out of work, especially during the Christmas season. I may be exhausted, but I will have a chance to rest soon. Patience... Thanks all. Have a very Merry Christmas.

The Ordinary Catholic