Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Protestants of the Catholic Faith

It certainly cannot go unnoticed at the number of Catholic blogs that have come into existence in the last few years. Catholic bloggers have become the new protestants. Protesting against those that have usurped the faith since Vatican II, bloggers in their unique way, have taken up the clarion call of shining the light of truth on issues that had until then, only been skirted around or completely ignored by those that should have had their finger on the pulse of all things Catholic.  These Catholic bloggers have taken up the challenge by the Vatican to make good use of the internet in evangelizing and they are taking up this challenge full bore. No longer can small 'c' catholics spew  their own brand of Catholic theology that is contrary to the Church without some Catholic blogger calling them on it. These cafeteria catholics are finding themselves in the spotlight and on the receiving end of a barrage of truth and are looking at a dismal future in the Church should they not conform to what the Church teaches.

Catholic bloggers run the gamut from the pew sitter to the faithful clergy and everyone in between. For a long time now, the faithful have been subjected to scandals that have festered unrelentingly while many of the church leaders spoke out too softly or not at all about these issues. It's no secret that Catholic education from CCD programs to Catholic schools and up through University levels have suffered from the lack of strong Catholic teaching. Bloggers now seem to be taking up the slack in many cases where those that should be instructing the faithful have lagged behind.

Are Catholic bloggers making a difference? I believe they are. I do not think it is mere coincidence that we now have more bishops that are standing up for the faith and confronting in no uncertain terms, those that stray from the faith and are public figures, or standing up against an ever increasing anti-Catholic government that is hell bent on making us doormats to wipe their feet on while trying to decimate our freedom of religion. I believe that some bishops, (though not enough yet) may have been either shamed or awakened by the rumblings of Catholic bloggers and are beginning to find the courage to take on their roles as shepherds quite seriously.

Listen to Archbishops Chaput or Dolan and you get a flavor of what  being a shepherd of the faithful sounds like. Read the likes of Father Z over at What Does the Prayer Really Say? and you find a priest that can cook up a storm and in the same breath teach everything you need to know about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and end up with what to do about Nancy Pelosi. Father Longenecker, a convert to the Church, is found at his blog Dwight Longenecker , is another blogger that is no slouch when it comes to exposing error in so-called catholic thought that dissenters insist is the truth, and instead gives us a steady dose of good solid teaching of the Catholic Church.

Stacy Trancancos over at Accepting Abundance , heads up in my view, a powerful crop of Catholic women bloggers that offer women's view of Catholic life as wives and mothers that is refreshing and faithful to the Church. Their voices are exactly the cure needed to combat the radical feminism that has long held our nation's women in its claws.  Dr. Taylor Marshall, Marc Barnes and Motley Monk and a host of others are laymen that offer a powerful witness to our faith in their own blogs.

The people mentioned above and many others that I have not named, both laymen and laywomen along with the clergy are fast becoming a first line of defense for our faith and their voice is loud and I believe being heard by the rest of us. Catholic bloggers have protested against the errors and scandals that have flooded our Church in recent memory but they have chosen to remain in the Church instead of abandoning her as the former Protestants of the 16th century did, to defend and take back the Church that has been held captive by leftists, dissenters and others that seek to destroy the one, true faith. While some have mentioned that the leaders of these dissenters are finding themselves on the tail end of their lives and with them the so-called "Spirit" of Vatican II, I prefer that they come back in full union with the Church before meeting their maker once they find that their brand of 'church' is no longer being accepted as gospel by many faithful Catholics. It may be, as others have said, that a schism is coming and the rats will flee the Barque of Peter.

The new protestants that are taking back the Catholic faith are not only bloggers but also ordinary Catholics such as William Blatty of "The Exorcisist" fame. He is in the process of taking Georgetown University to court for dissent. On the website ;  "William Blatty,author of The Exorcist and alumnus of Georgetown University,is preparing a canon law suit to be filed with the Archdiocese of Washington and the Vatican,alleging that the Jesuit run university is refusing to comply with Ex corde Ecclesiae, the Holy See’s directives for Higher education institutes,and is persistently giving scandal to the faithful."

This is big news. Blatty is doing exactly what should have been done by others in the Church whose obligations include keeping Catholic institutions in line with Church teaching. Georgetown is only ONE of many Catholic institutions of higher learning that no longer should be allowed to present themselves as Catholic. Perhaps Blatty will be the spark needed to get the ball rolling.

The tide is slowly turning in the favor of the faithful. Beginning with the Pope and the clergy, good leadership is vital for faithful Catholics to look to in these turbulent times of the Church. Catholic bloggers have a big part to play in our times of tribulation and have shown their mettle. The Catholic Church to which we cling, is starting to make the slow wide turn of an Ark, back to her true mission: saving souls. It's been a long hard road and it isn't over yet. The future is not for the squeamish Catholic and either we remain on board or get washed away in the wake.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gay Marriage and Emperors

Ancient Roman emperors sometimes declared themselves to be divine and accordingly would enact laws that would force the citizens of the Roman Empire to 'worship' them as such. I don't imagine that most of the Roman citizens believed in the divinity of the Emperor, yet it's amazing what the threat of prosecution and/or death did if one did not comply with a law that demands worship of someone they knew was no different in nature than they were. The Romans were being forced to accept a belief of something they knew didn't or couldn't exist, a concept of reality that resided only in the mind of one person, the Emperor. Man was of one nature they knew, and to just proclaim 'divinity' didn't change that fact.

Militant gays consider a union between two people of the same gender a 'marriage' and at the same time are trying to get laws passed that would require the citizens of the land to recognize the legitimacy of this 'marriage' as equivalent to a traditional marriage between a man and woman, and any defiance of that law would be met with the threat of prosecution from the state. As with emperor worship, people are now having to pay lip service to fantasy or pay the consequences.

The majority of people do not believe that 'gay marriage' is equivalent to traditional marriage. The only states that have passed such  laws allowing same-gender marriages have them because of legislative action and circumventing the direct vote of the people. Over thirty states brought this issue before the people to vote on, and in everyone of those states, 'gay marriage' was either defeated or the its existing law overturned. That is reality. The only way these laws can be forced on people is by keeping the people from voting on the issue.

Oxymoron; A figure of speech in which two words with opposing meanings are used together intentionally for effect; A contradiction in terms.

Gay marriage is such a figure of speech. A contradiction of the highest degree. A marriage has always been defined as a union between a man and a woman and it has been from the very beginning as every major, ancient civilization recognized this, civilizations that didn't know the existence of the other either because of distance in location or for the distance of ages between them. Yet, without having contact with each other, these civilizations all agreed with one thing. Marriage could only occur between a man and a woman. How could this knowledge of marriage have been possible and so prevalent over thousands of years? From the very beginning of human history? It couldn't be possible unless this was knowledge that was 'built' into human nature by some outside force during our creation and not our social environment. 

These same civilizations, unknown to each other, also extolled certain virtues that could not have been taught to each other, yet they existed. Honesty, Loyalty, Courage, Goodness etc...They all had the same set of rules that dictated what they considered acceptable. Not one of these civilizations praised dishonesty or liars, treachery instead of loyalty, cowardice over courageousness, evil for the sake of evil over goodness etc...So where did these virtues come from?

27 So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.


God, through the natural world created only two genders. Male and female. Not three, or four or more. Two. Its stands to reason that anyone born with two sets of reproductive organs, or a mental state that makes the same gender attractive to another is not what nature intended. It is the result of our fallen world. The old expression that when a child is born of parents and they are asked if the baby is healthy, many jokingly say, "Yes!! Ten fingers and toes!" In other words, the baby was born in a condition that was not contrary to what nature intended. Nature may produce limbless babies, diseased babies, blind babies etc...but this is not the intention of nature. They are exceptions, not what is considered normal to our nature. These exceptions do not make them less valuable in the eyes of God however, for they are still human beings, persons with the need and right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Homosexuality is not what nature intended either. It is an exception to what nature considers normal and helping them live in this idea that it is normal and that they also can be included in a valid 'marriage is not treating them with respect or dignity. It is enabling them to live a life in an idea that cannot exist in reality, a fantasy.  It does nothing to alleviate their burdens by pretending they can live this life without consequences. All human beings have something within them, either physically, mentally or spiritually that is difficult to live with and we are asked to live this life in the best way possible with the grace of God, not by denying our weaknesses.
The danger we face today is in making exceptions the rule rather than exceptions of that rule.

Two elements are necessary to make a marriage and that is a man and woman. As soon as another element is subtracted or added to this nature of marriage, it is no longer what it was intended to be and no longer a marriage, anymore than adding another element to hydrogen and oxygen that makes up water would result in 'water'. Or the taking away the oxygen molecule and using a nitrogen molecule to make water. It is not possible. H2O is what defines water. In the same way, the union of a man and woman defines marriage. There are no other possibilities.

The majority of people in this world know what a marriage is and what it is not. In their hearts...they know. As a matter of fact, I believe the homosexual heart knows this too. They know what they want cannot exist for them, that it cannot just be 'made' into law worth no more than the paper the law is written on with the intention of people accepting it as legitimate.

Today's society is trying to legislate exactly what the Roman emperors did; By law, to bring into existence a fantasy, something that cannot exist in reality but only in the mind of its adherents. No matter what the law says, it cannot change the substance of what cannot be changed in nature and still remain true to its God created nature.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Frustrated Beyond Description

I've been watching events unfolding in our country for that last few days and I have to admit that I'm close to the breaking point. It seems that with every new day something good, traditional or holy is being decimated by the god-less left and I cannot help but to think at times that they are getting away with it. Whether it is the President announcing his approval of same-sex marriage, Pelosi telling me her Catholic faith demands that she not discriminate and accept same-sex marriage as a good and holy thing, a sheriff in Arizona being sued by the federal government for doing his job, NY courts telling people that viewing child porn is not a criminal act...where does it stop?

I'm this close (places thumb and finger a fraction apart) of closing shop on this blog. I do not pretend to think that this blog is what keeps the fabric of our universe together. Not at all. I see what is happening in our world and I write about it and give my views, views that I hope beyond hope may help another to see the moral chaos we are wallowing in and how it is contrary to the truth of our Catholic faith.

I feel as other faithful Catholics do I'm sure, that we are a voice crying out in the wilderness. No, I am the farthest thing from the saintly caliber of St. John the Baptist so I am not comparing myself to his holiness, only in the sense no one seems to give a hoot about absolute truth and those of us that do care and are voicing it are awaiting our turn at the chopping block. Salome is dancing for the god-less and I'm waiting for her to ask for our heads on a platter.

The evil is out there and it is growing very fast. They are Legion. Other than praying constantly, I'm not really sure what to do to combat this enemy anymore. I know how all of this ends for we've been told and that is my only hope, but I'm just not sure what my role is in all of this.

God protect and bless all of you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dan Savage's Self-Destruction

Gay-rights advocate Dan Savage, in his latest diatribe here,  again attacked the faith and beliefs of Christians concerning homosexuality, but this time to a group of high school students. He had been invited to give a talk at a  conference on journalism organized by the National Scholastic Press Organization, but in short order Savage's talk quickly disintegrated into a rant of hate, laced with vulgarity and rage. Though he may be seen as a courageous voice for gay-rights, there was no courage displayed on his part, not when you have a captive audience of high school students having to listen to this type of hate against their faith. It was cowardice through and through.

There was courage however displayed at the conference, by the young students who actually walked out of the auditorium in the middle of Savage's ravings while being subjected to name calling by him. Theirs is a courage to be admired by all. They let their disgust be known by their action of walking out without lowering themselves in a verbal debate that would have accomplished nothing productive.

Mr. Savage has actually done a favor for faithful Christians and to others who hold fast to natural law concerning same-sex attraction, by showing the world what militant homosexuality is all about. He single handedly exposed the profound depth of moral depravity into which sin will lead people when they allow their basest of passions to dominate their lives. His rage, hatred and anger is frighteningly close to the demonic as seen in this latest video. "It wasn't like I sneaked up on a Bible study class and commandeered the podium,” he told the Seattle Times. “I'm like the Devil. You have to invite me in.” Telling words Mr. Savage.

It's been apparent for a long time now how militant homosexuality is a hate group hiding behind the cloak of victimization. Having rejected the natural and God given order of intimacy between a man and woman, they have instead adopted the unnatural acts of homosexuality as a moral good. In turn they have attacked Catholic beliefs and of Christians in general that believe such acts between men are a grave sin of the highest order against God and nature. Mr. Savage's hate of anything or anyone that speaks against these acts was in full display during his talk.

The Church, in all her compassion teaches about human dignity and respect for all, especially homosexuals as seen here in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2358 "The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided...."

There are no words more profoundly beautiful than these regarding men and women who have SSA. To a true Christian there is no such thing as hate for the homosexual. Again, as said a million times, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." Gay advocates pretend there is no distinction between the sin and sinner and so they paint all those that see homosexual acts as sinful with the same broad brush of being hateful of the sinner. I do not believe for one second that militant homosexuals cannot see the difference between the sin and sinner. They do, but it isn't just respect they want, but a full acceptance and justification of their behavior, a behavior that the Church will never accept as anything else but a grave sin.

Created in God's image, men and woman have God's law written in their hearts. We know the immorality of killing, theft, dishonesty or sexual sin. We cannot escape it. Dan Savage and his ilk have tried to scrub their hearts clean of this 'voice' within them with their own version of Lady Macbeth's "Out damned spot!", but it is an exercise in futility. That little voice will not go away and it enrages them. It enrages them for that voice is their accuser. The hate we see in militant homosexuals is the overflow of the hate and loathing they have for themselves.

 Dan Savage has a finger on his own self-destruct button. If he believes his behavior will endear him to those that oppose sexual acts outside of marriage, he is in for a big surprise. He is nothing but a pushy, coercive bully whose whole life revolves around his genitals. Go on Youtube and check out other videos of Dan Savage if you have the stomach for it. What you will hear is militant homosexuality in all its depravity.

Dan Savage is given to temper tantrums, stomping and stamping his feet with his attempts to shock those in his audience with profanity and hate for the things that are good and holy. Like an impetuous child that doesn't get what it wants, he will do whatever he can to attract attention. It is during his tirades that Christians need only to sit back, and let him display his hateful immaturity and depravity to the world. In some of the blogs I've read concerning Mr. Savages anti-christian rhetoric, there have been comments from faithful Christian who have SSA and live chaste lives, cringing from the likes of  Mr. Savage. As one commenter said, he doesn't advocate the gay lifestyle, but only to have the normal respect due to all men and women. They see Savage as an obstacle to this goal and are distancing themselves from him and his militancy.

Unable or unwilling to repent and to leave behind their lifestyles, militant gays shrink away from the goodness in whose image they were created when they are exposed to the light of truth, sinking ever lower to new level of verbal or physical violence.  Mr. Savage has lost his way and is on the path of self-destruction of his own making in this world where we were created to seek God. But his loss is not absolute. With every breath Mr. Savage takes, God offers him the grace to set him free from the chains with which he has shackled himself. Mr. Savage, I promise you, you have my prayers, for one day, your last breath, as well as mine, will come.