Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Anyone Really Watching?

I had a strange daydream the other day. I was daydreaming about what I would need to survive if something ever happened to this nation. What I mean is this. What would happen if things such as the economy got so bad that tens upon tens of millions lost their jobs? What would happen when these people find out that there is no money to be had either from work or from unemployment benefits because of an economic depression much worse than was witnessed in the 30's? Where would they go or turn to for food and shelter. To survive? Would they turn on neighbors and take what is theirs? Kill them for food?

Along with that, I began to "dream" about what would happen if, as is quite apparent now, we begin to lose certain freedoms as citizens? If we are called to turn our guns over to federal collection centers, what if many just refuse to do this? What would happen if the government tried to force these individuals who believe they have the right to bear arms? Or, in the case of our Freedom of Religion, what would happen if we as the faithful refuse to remain quiet in the public square when laws dictate that we say nothing about certain evils in our nation that are now endorsed by government and is considered hateful speech? Attacks on certain speech by individuals or institutions that criticizes government such as Fox News and Limbaugh that the President stated by name except that instead of making the news it becomes a crime to criticize?

Anyone with half a brain can see what is occurring in the United States under this administration and to say or think that the list above is not possible would have to have their head in the sand. Those of us that cherish this nation feel this weight upon us. We not only sense urgency but we are now beginning to see things unfold quickly with each new day and every new order from the Commander and Chief. The signs are ominous.

So I thought, what should I prepare in case things just crumble? If we had to leave our homes suddenly, what would we pack that is of the most important? Funny isn't it? The first thing I thought of as important was where would I go to Mass?? Yeah. I remember thinking clearly and asking myself if I would risk life and limb to make it to Mass if Catholics were outlawed. Don't laugh. I see it creeping slowly towards us as I write.

In this ''dream" I saw myself buying hundreds of yards of fishing line, hundreds of fish hooks and lead weights, two or three heavy hunting knives, dozens of Bic lighters, boxes of wooden matches, two or three bows, arrows as well as wooden shafts, feathers, notches and arrow heads to make more arrows if need be. I don't own a gun so that was out. I have thought about buying a couple lately, but that would probably mean I would use them if the time ever came and I'm not talking about hunting. The thought of putting another man down in this manner nauseates me. I've never even struck another man out of anger or otherwise. I also saw myself buying tents and canvas material and bags of seed for planting and water purification tablets. The way I see it, I would need a U Haul just to cart this stuff around. Another worry would be how to defend my family and possessions as meager as they would be from those that would seek to take them from me.

I know I sound paranoid, but what were mere whispers several years ago are now being confirmed from sources I respect. Billions of rounds of ammunition have been bought by the government in the last couple of years. Many of these rounds have been designated to certain urban areas around the country. From another source, reports of a litmus test for military commanders would be whether or not they would have the gumption to fire on citizens if the need arises. If not, they are retired or fired. FEMA camps with barbed wire and guard towers built in the last few years around the country. Barbed wire for refugees of natural disasters? Really? I never gave these reports any time until I began to hear them in more respectable sources I've come to trust. Still I hesitate to believe them. In this country? What I used to consider impossible for our nation just five years ago, I can now see it as not only possible, but maybe even probable.

What has this nation become for me to even contemplate and initiate such a day dream? That is what scares me. Unbridled rights to abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicides...death. So much death and this man is re-elected? Makes no sense does it. The oddest warning of all concerning guns is one that surprised me. The Pravda, newspaper of Russia and state run under the Soviet Union told American citizens never to give up their right to bear arms and never turn in their guns. Imagine? Here is the article .

Okay, enough daydreaming for me, yet it seemed to be more than just a daydream, more like a vision of sorts with tendrils of truth floating amidst imagination. In any case, it was disquieting to say the least.