Monday, June 10, 2013

What did St.Joseph think about?

I've not had much inspiration to blog for a few weeks. Oh, I've got more than enough to write about but the things going through my mind lately with all the news (mostly bad), scandals rocking D.C. and the perilous position our Freedom of Religion seems to find itself in sickens me. I've let other bloggers do the job of posting their thoughts on these issues because what I would write would not be positive nor helpful.

So what I thought I would do is post about my hobby of furniture building. To be honest, I've not had much time in building anything lately but now I've got the itch. It's come back. I think my next project will be a pantry for the kitchen. I've wanted one for such a long time to put my canned and dry goods in and free up some space in my kitchen cabinets. Besides, the cabinet shelves have always been too high for me. You see, I'm like Zacchaeus. I would have to climb a tree to see Jesus coming down the road just as he did. Which brings me to St. Joseph. Just for kicks I've asked myself if St. Joseph would have blogged if he had had the chance as well as being a woodworker. Personally I don't think he would . Blogging takes time and woodworking takes time, but unlike me St. Joseph built things to earn a living and support his family.

Did he speak his mind? Was he a passionate man in matters that affected him and his family? Yes he was and Egypt was an instant of that passion to protect but I would think he went the opposite way as far as expressing himself. I sense that he was a quiet man, always in thought and with a deep faith and confidence that God would look after his family. I do know that while building a piece of furniture it frees your mind as your hands move to do their work. You think of all kinds of things, profound things and that's where I think St. Joseph found himself. It is there God would speak to him. St. Joseph experienced strange and marvelous things once he was betrothed to his little love: Mary. So...

What is it like to create something from scratch and see it grow from an idea to reality? Very satisfying. I can see God looking at his creation and saying, "It is good." With this in mind, I will share with you pieces that I felt very satisfied with at their completion. Enough so that I can say "It is good."

The above piece is a kitchen island that my son had me build for his wife for Christmas one year. He gave me the dimensions that he wanted and the colors he thought would go well with their decor. This is what she got.

Below is a wine cabinet that again I built for my son at his request. It was actually one of the very first pieces of furniture that I ever built on my own.

Next up are two buffets that are very similar except for the legs, a few changes to the doors, and the interior shelving which unfortunately cannot be seen in these two pics.

I don't build built-in kitchen cabinets nor do I install them, but I do build free standing cabinets for kitchens such as the ones below that I built for a customer. They owned a Victorian house with a lot of bead board wainscoting and wanted two custom made bottom cabinets to match the bead board. They supplied the counter tops. The cabinet on the right is interesting in that I built a trash receptical in the unit. This was my first. I checked out Home Depot's cabinets to get an idea of how to go about it. It's not a very good picture but then again, I'm not a very good photographer :)

Here is the toy box I built for my grandson Drake. It has the safety hinges so the top doesn't slam shut on his wee finners. I forgot to take a pic after it was finished but here it is unfinished just to get an idea.

When my oldest daughter got married all she asked for was a cabinet similar to the one pictured below but with out the images on the doors.

This next picture is what the final product looked like. I had a piece of antique pine board that I used for the top. It is exquisite. Antique pine is totally dry, free from all resin and holds a stain like nothing else. It came out so rich that I almost kept it for myself! I also "antiqued" the hinges to give them a more authentic, old, country style. You can see the "antiqued" hinge compared to another piece of hardware that is brand new. Funny what a propane torch and flux will do to shiny stuff eh?